J Armz - How To Be An MC Vol 1 (The Re-Issue) (2CD)

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Here goes the re-issue of the original How To Be An MC with 26 bonus tracks!

Strictly Biggie beats on this one.

CD 1

1. Ready To Die (produced by Easy Mo Bee)
2. Kick In The Door (produced by DJ Premier)
3. Keep Ya Hands HIgh (produced by Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie)
4. I Got A Story To Tell (produced by Buckwild)
5. Get Money (produced by EZ Elpee)
6. The World Is Filled (produced by Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie)
7. What's Beef (produced by Nashiem Myrick & Carlos Broady)
8. Ten Crack Commandments (produced by DJ Premier)
9. Gimme The Loot (produced by Easy Mo Bee)
10. Victory (produced by Sean "Puffy" Combs & Steven "Stevie J" Jordan
11. Player's Anthem (produced by DJ Clark Kent)
12. Fuck You Tonight (produced by Daron Jones)
13. All About The Benjamins (produced by Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie)
14. Big Poppa (produced by Chucky Thompson)
15. One More Chance (produced by Chucky Thompson)
16. Only You (produced by 112)
17. Flava' In Ya Ear Remix (produced by Easy Mo Bee)
18. Hypnotize (produced by Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie & Ron Lawrence)
19. Machine Gun Funk (produced by Easy Mo Bee)
20. Notorious (produced by Prestige)
21. Just A Memory (Produced by Scram Jones)*
22. Living In Pain (Produced By Just Blaze)*
23. Whatchu Want (Produced By Timberland)*
24. Brooklyn's Finest (Produced by Clark Kent)*
25. Nasty Boy Remix (produced by Sean 'Puffy' Combs)*
26. Would You Die For Me (produced by Sean 'Puffy' Combs)*
27. Long Kiss Goodnight (produced by Rza)*
28. Party & Bullshit (produced by Easy Mo Bee)*
29. Breaking Old Habits (Produced By Chink Santana)*
30. Get Your Grind On (produced by Sean Cane)*
31. Drugs (produced by Fabian Hamilton)*
32. Dangerous MC's (produced by Nottz)*
33. Spit Your Game (produced by Swizz Beats)*

CD 2

1. Somebody Gotta Die (produced by Nashiem Myrick & Carlos Broady)
2. Who Shot Ya (produced by Nashiem Myrick)
3. Warning (produced by Easy Mo Bee)
4. Going Back To Cali (produced by Easy Mo Bee)
5. Respect (produced by. Jean "Poke" Oliver)
6. The What (produced by Easy Mo Bee)
7. Unbelievable (produced by DJ Premier)
8. Last Dayz (produced by Havoc)
9. Notorious Thugs (produced by Stevie J.)
10. Sky's The Limit (produced by Clark Kent)
11. Nasty Boy (produced by Stevie J.)
12. Dead Wrong (produced by Chucky Thompson & Mario Winans)
13. Juicy (produced by Pete Rock)
14. One More Chance Remix (produced by Rashad Smith)
15. Only You Remix (produced by 112)
16. Mo money, Mo Problems (produced by Stevie J.)
17. Player's Anthem Remix (produced by DJ Clark Kent)
18. Big Poppa Remix (produced by Jermaine Dupri)
19. Notorious Remix (produced by Daven "Prestige" Vanderpool)
20. Biggie (produced by Nashiem Myrick)
21. Runnin' (Produced by Eminem)*
22. Hold Ya Head (produced by Clinton Sparks)*
23. Realest Niggas (produced by Red Spyda)*
24. Young G's (produced by Rashad Smith)*
25. Nasty Girl (Produced By Jazze Pha)*
26. Big Booty Hoes (produced by Daven ''Prestige'' Vanderpool)*
27. Niggas Bleed (produced by Nashiem Myrick)*
28. Whatchu' Want (produced by Danja)*
29. 3 B's (Produced by Red Spyda)*
30. Rap Phenomenon (produced by DJ Premier)*
31. Queen Bitch (produced by Nashiem Myrick)*
32. Real Niggas (produced by Deric 'D-Dot' Angelettie)*
33. Breakin' Old Habits (produced by Chink Santana)*

*Re-issue bonus track

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good look on this one.

NEW YORKS TAKE BACK THE THROWN this is one of thoughs mixtapes that u can just put on and sit back and remenis about the good ol dayz when hip hop had a meaning.
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New York never lost the throne, they go hard wit all the greezy tracks, biggie 4 lyfe tho on sum good lookin shit Gut it up, soft it up, roll it up
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I don't care how many whack rappers raped on these beats,NOBODY is gonna lay it down like the ONLY KING of New York.
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Notorious For Life

"Separate the weak from the ob-solete hard to creep them Brooklyn streets it's ON..."
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theres one thing that i don't really

theres one thing that i don't really get here. why is every fucking dj putting out shit of biggie? why? this shit is as old as the solar system. fuck man. even whiteowl and biggy jiggy put this shit on their tapes. its already old, so why the fuck you putting some more old ass shit that everybody already has on the tape? and furthermore, why are you putting biggies instrumentals? this is the oldest shit on the planet of earth, the galaxy, in the fukin universe. man you djs need to get some new shit and because this dude armz is making a re-issue basically means that he's got nothin new. this motherfucker keeps coming in with the same old same old, and now making a 're-issue'. man i 'm sick of this gay ass shit. bring some new shit and maybe you'll get appreciated by people that already have tons of old ass bullshit. GOD MC
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how do i post my new shit!?

how do i post my new shit!? jesus...lemme kno

you know its instrumentals

you know its instrumentals right?
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no shit


Maybe it had something to do

Maybe it had something to do with the major motion picture titled "NOTORIOUS." http://www.google.com/search?q=notorious