Jody Breeze - Uptown Freestyle (Young Jeezy Diss)

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how come a lame ass nigga like jody breeze talkin shit on jeezy this nigga aint on anyones radar he just tryin to bring attention to himself
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yeah Yo Faget Ass Would Know Huh?

Heart Of A Hustla,Mind Of A G.......
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change that shit to Heart Of A Woman,Mind Of A Faggot.......
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Heart Of A Hustla,Mind Of A G..
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Aint That Som Shit!

Heart Of A Hustla,Mind Of A G.
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jeezy fucked up right now all his patnas gone wit gucci

Murda This Pussy Nigga Jody Breeze

Where the fuck does jody breeze come off dissin Jeezy ..?! i hope he eat you alive boi ..
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Jody who?

Who the fuck is this?
dude is a nobody.. lets move on to important people. Jeezy has already accomplished what half the artist in the industry dreams of and even he aint all that good, but this dude Jody or whatever opinion or dissin is no different than anybody on this damn mixtapetorrent blog postin hate flames on an artist they don't like or stopped liking.
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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this cat use to go hard on them boyz n the hood albums. i dont know wzup with this shet here? -gaygaygemini iz my bitch!-
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Yung Screw 817 wrote:
this cat use to go hard on them boyz n the hood albums. i dont know wzup with this shet here? -gaygaygemini iz my bitch!-

cuz he sucks dick lol

cuz he sucks dick lol
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to me breeze was the best on

to me breeze was the best on the boyz n da hood album over jeezy, and when breeze was doin his best kept secret mixtape series that is when he should of dropped the album. lat i heard he also couldnt keep outta jail so that might have helped wit the delays and push backs. and i think he tryin to get his own label after leavin jazze pha label
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I used to digg this dude but he aint shit for real dissin jeezy wow this dude is bull talkin out his ass

jody go hard

breeze go hard, always has always will, jody would lyrically destroy jeezy one on one and breeze has flow, this is kinda slow but a diss is more about what is said not how its said ya digg

jody go hard

breeze go hard, always has always will, jody would lyrically destroy jeezy one on one and breeze has flow, this is kinda slow but a diss is more about what is said not how its said ya digg
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lol ye he goes hard aight, hard on a cock this lame assnigga Jody Breeze is too funny his career is over before it begun nigga trying to get some attention. Youngs worst track is better then this goofs best shit JODY BREEZE = FAKE ASS NIGGA
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Wtf is Jody thinking?....Guess he ainttttt

this nikka wackk wtf is he thinking trying to mess with jeezy? Jeezy off the chain we all know that jeezy realll he got that Gangsta Musicccc, jody pfff he aint non Im sure my boi jeezy know better than to mess with lil girls hahaha
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i knew this was comeing

i like jody i think he got a smooth lil flow i think he could use sum better beats tho, as far as him dissin jeezy i don't care i like them both. I'm just siting here waiting on jeezy diss song to jody. but IMO i haven't hard a jeezy song i have truely liked in a while the verse he got on lil boosie song (better believe me) it sucked. but nothing like a good old friemies beef LETS GET IT!!!
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y'all niggaz

fo real, Jo Jo is just tryin to get his buzz back {what the nigga neva had in the first place}

ha damn i know he ain't the

ha damn i know he ain't the most popular dude or the best.. but to say he's a nobody?? thats crazy...he's pretty good if you listen to his mixtapes..the best kept secret series...this just wasn't a good decision though he's not really fuckin with jeezy....but he's a hell of a lot better than cucci and shawty lo and most dudes in the A..
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weak diss....

growth & development... i use to half like this dudes music some of it mostly with boyz in da hood but this was a weak move for him...jeezy gone make his nose bleed!!


Man Jody Breeze been dat nigga...Waaaaaay befo Boyz in da Hood. Jus because he aint got the fame that jeezy got dont make him lame. Jeezy done fell off the map. He aint fuckin wit breeze lyrically at all. Thats why he aint gone reply. Aint nobody fuckin wit dat nigga like dat no more. Wait til breeze get on all yall faggot ass niggas gone be on his dick.

breeze aint big cos he didnt

breeze aint big cos he didnt get washed up and sucked in like most rappers do, he kept it g, thats what hes about
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Or the industry don't want him no matter how long and loud he knocks on the door
Listen the only reason this dude even bothered to go out the way to put something out on Jeezy is to Latch on to the most famous/most popular dude he know in Ga, and he seems to be an easy target for haters because he's not only big world wide, he usually ignore diss songs toward him
If he was smart he'd especially ignore kats like this that have absolutely no affect on his career
The Dude is hungry like any other nigga in the south, if you think for a second every nigga in the rap game aint out trying to get every fuckin dime they think they could get be it in the Mainstream or underground your fuckin kiddin yaself
If Jeezy is smart he wont give this nigga free publicity by responding, Jeezy is the big Chief in Ga along with Luda, Outkast and T.I... any other nigga's just ride on whatever them nigga's let them have in the rap game.
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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My man should of picked an eazy targets like Gucci or Oj just to show that he can end a nigga career if he wanted to. I think this dude iz way more gangzta then both of them clowns. He might not sell as much as them but the streets recognise real... Fucking with Jeezy was a bad idea. Jeezy owns the streets mane!!! Jeezy dont even have to reply cuz the streets will hold him down. ------MoSt-HaTeD->
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Oj might have been more of a better bait to start with.
small beans can't just go after big leagues like this, he has to start off small, and work himself up, had he did that i might have a lil more respect for him obviously he thought bigger of himself and thought he could take on a heavy weight right away
You have to crawl before you walk, swim before you dive, ride before you drive
If he would have attacked the weakest link in Ga with big connections like OJ, just to display his talent, i'd give him more credibility, dude came off as a hater with ambitions set too high, he could change that if he change directions.
Gucci might have been a lil too much at first for him tho, But he would have pulled Gucci into that Beef if he would have went after OJ or anybody on SoICY Gucci would'n't have been too far behind, so it would've been good bait.
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]

Only reason breeze aint big

Only reason breeze aint big is cause he put his career on the back burner for jeezy and them niggaz. He was a solo artist signed wit jazzy pha until them boyz asked him to join the group. So He came out wit "Dem Boyz" and put them all on the map. jeezy fucked them boyz up when he left they group. As far as Gucci and Oj concerned, they wouldnt have even been a challenge for Breeze. They straight trash lyrically. All they do yell bullshit like "yeah" and "ok" theyll be better off as hype men. I think he did rite by goin at jeezy. jeezy is not a good enough lyracists to end anybody career. If that was the case gucci wouldnt be gettin it in like he doin!

you left out "aye"

you left out "aye"
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Jeezy is NOT real.

I stay in Atlanta and folk here KNOW Jeezy. When he first came out, he was reppin BMF (Black Mafia Family) to the fullest and Bleu DaVinci´╗┐ (of BMF) said it best - "You seen when BMF was gettin banged up he shut his mouth up..." Pimp C put him out on the spot also and he ain't say shit, cause he know the deal. As far as Jody go, that nigga put JEEZY on the map. Jody was fuckin with Jazze Phae from day one. Jeezy and the other niggaz asked Jody if he wanted to join "Boyz N Da Hood" Who the fuck think made that song "Dem Boyz" hot --> Jody. Jeezy took the chance to go big and now that bitch MAINSTREAM as FUCK. You think Jody ain't had deals thrown at him, the nigga choose to stay independent, so that mean he not as talented as Jeezy, cause Jeezy on TV and the radio. In the hood that don't mean SHIT. Same niggas that Jeezy fuck with, Jody fuck with. Except GUCCI of course, but as far Wayne, Pimp C, Ludacris, T.I. and the rest of them niggas go, they all got tracks with him. Especially tip and wayne. This just comin from someone who live in the A and know the shit that happens behind TV and the radio, you feel me. Food for thought, respect.

fuck dis nigga JEEZY is da

fuck dis nigga JEEZY is da illest!!!
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Not Good

This really isnt that good of a diss. Jody keeps it real though, he will have better stuff in the future.
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fuck all yall hatin on breeze. jody breeze go hard
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fuck niggas get a life

growth & development... jody aint seeing jeezy no matter what happen or was said!! save that shit for a lame nigga!

Stop Fukin Hatin

I've Been a breeze fan fromthe begainng and also like jeezy but he's not lying about best the best. He was always good at what he and if you listen you can hear some of him coming from jeezy. So I'm with jody on this one, keep it up boi real niggaz til the end. If You Hatin Fuck You.....

so emotional

all u emotional niggas know nothin about Breeze which means u know nothin about undergorund music. breeze got flow and lyrics and has always been better than jeezy. instead of jumpin to jeezy's defense, you should listen to what breeze got to say. a rappers level of succes doesnt mean he's tellin the truth about who he is it just means he bullshitted his way to his success. i bet u the same niggas that jumped all over Ross when the "officer ricky" shit was goin down and u probably loved him b4 all that. sometimes the truth hurts and if jeezy is bein exposed you niggas jus need to accept it.
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jody and jeezy both go hard but it iz wat it iz....>>

a breezy

jody's career is like his name it's just a breeze oh fuck nigga and his whack ass muzik jeezy made the boyz in tha hood and he iz dat trap nigga

I was a huge boyz n da hood

I was a huge boyz n da hood fan and it was close between breeze and jeezy they were both killer on that first cd which has to be one of my top five favorites of all time. That shit went hard and I can't really pick a side on the beef because they are both really talented but this is a killer diss track either way. Compare it to Jeezy's latest 24-23 and i'd have to give Breeze the edge for better diss track. Does anybody know what he means by those bars about not mentioning his name in 1000 rhymes but "you still wanna play with me"? Did something happen between them?

J.O.D.Y. Breeze....

ima put all yall on some game first i been on jeezy since before his first drop and dude good but jody breeze is hands down lyrically the greatest when it comes to rappin cuz dude puts shit together in his songs he dont be on no fake ass shit he real in tha streets and his raps so jus cuz yall mainstream listenin dont like it it sucks then yall jus some sheep in tha herd.