Kidd Domination Presents Yung Berg - Yes We Can


02.Im Rollin
03.Money Aint A Thing
05.Hit Records
06.Change Ya Life [Feat. Casha]
07.Back At It
08.Boss Bitch - Kidd Domination Feat. Yung Berg & Boogz Boogetz
09.Yes We Can
10.We Out Here [Feat. Cap One]
12.My Shawty - Casha Feat. Yung Berg
13.Get U Wet [Feat. Cap One]
14.Fishbowl nation
15.Fishbowl [Feat. Cap One]
16.Fuckin Tonight [Feat. Cap One]
17.Wife Beater - Casha Feat. Yung Berg
18.Like Mine - Kidd Domination Feat. Harlem's Cash & Yung Berg
19.Set That Bitch On Fire [Feat. Cap One]
20.Get Money Nigga
21.Get Money [Feat. Swag]

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chi town stand up!!! First

chi town stand up!!! First and foremost- YUNG BERG IS NOT THE FUTURE OF HIP HOP FROM THE CHI.... I havent heard this tape yet but from the looks of the track list it might be ok. ALOT of cap one- ( og from the chi) and a lil bit of casha--- check this shit out. should be ok.


I wonder if he got his chain back when he got jacked in Detriot hahahahah CAN WE JACK YUNG BERG YES WE CAN!!! that should be the title THIS NIGGA WACK!!!!


Nice cover, but is another Obama mixtape necessary?

yea its necessary bitch !!!

yea its necessary bitch !!!

yeah and who does he mean by

yeah and who does he mean by we?

Detroit stand up!!!!!!!

Naw he not getting his chain back..that fake shit turned my nigga face neck green..Little Berg should not drop no music nomore. He see he not gon have no more features by a real nigga. Lil piece of shit ass nigga..Weak in tha streets
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i almost feel bad for yung

i almost feel bad for yung berg he thought walking dmx's dogs would lead people 2 believe he was a tough guy not really sure of that thinking but w/e i just cant stand hes tough guy attitude still after he continually gets bullied its like dude face it ur not tough just be urself people can see through the bullshit well sometimes anyway.