Kochece & The Game - The Game Of Death

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1) Kochece Intro
2) 911 Is A Joke
3) Pain
4) Freestyle
5) Nigga Wit An Attitude
6) Our Turn
7) Where You At
8) Big Dreams
9) Dreams
10) Kochece Im In The Hood
11) Put On The Game
12) Where Im From
13) Hate It Or Love
14) Ol English
15) One Night
16) Doctors Advocate
17) Would Get Fair
18) You Aint A Gangsta
20) Kochece Paper Chasin
21) When The Chips Are Down
22) Confessions

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what the fuck is this shit?, where is the superman tape or ykwii vol. 5? game always got his fans waitin and waitin. at least its usually worth the wait. but fuckin hussle with this shit


I dont know how this fake ass blood has all these people jocking his nuts. Man has a east coast flow in the West Coast. Thats the problem with the west now at days. Too much East Coast Wannabees. The West lost its style or something or iz Thizz the only group that comes out with the style but lacks in beats. I hate hyphy music but at least those dudes aint coming out with albums that sound like their made in New York and shit. Fuck all the west coast rappers that have the east coast flow. That is all that I am saying.
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Let's see white tees, dickies, chucks, low lows, b-doggin', bluntin', clappin', & catching cases...yeah he ain't tryin to be from N.Y. Tape is weak anyway, still waiting for YouKnowWhatItIs Vol. 5.

Yeah I said It

I wasnt even talkin about his cloths. Im talking bout his rapping style. Read carefully be4 even tryin to comment on what I said, Bitch. And for dude on the bottom of this can suck a dick. Im making people aware of this shit Ims talking about. Game is weak and I said it.
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U sorry ass fuck boy!

U want sumthin' HARD, open your mouth & shut your little eyes...'bout to put my cock in sideways. Lil' hoe bag, tick-slut!

why even come on this page

why even come on this page if u dont like him, it makes you look stupid wasting ur time