Lil Wayne - No Ceilings (Instrumentals)


01. Swag Surf
02. Ice Cream
03. DOA
04. Skit Gudda
05. Wasted
06. Watch My Shoes
07. Break Up Ft. Lil Twist & Gudda Gudda
08. Banned From TV
09. Throw It In The Bag
10. Thats All I Have Ft. Tyga & Shanell
11. Skit Shanell
12. Wayne On Me
13. Im Good Ft. Lucci Lou
14. Poke Her Face Ft. Jae Millz
15. Run This Town
16. I Got No Ceilings
17. Cool N Dre Ft. Birdman
18. Oh Lets Do It
19. Single
20. Sweet Dreams Ft. Nicki Minaj
21. Skit End

noceilingsinstrumentals.torrent12.57 KB

if this an't the silliest

if this an't the silliest shitttt!!! how u gonna post insrumentals of beats of other niggaz instrumentals funny shitt
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This HAS to be a joke right?
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This about one of the most retarded things i've seen posted here.. Instrumentals for a mixtape from other artist production that another nigga rapped over...
Anyway Saints are 12-0, games are only gonna get tougher no matter who play from here on out
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LOL at this// at least give props to the actuall artist/ producer
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keep the instrumentals comin!

I know allot of yall is hatin on this tape, but I like these instrumental mixes to use one or two of them to rap over. You can't hate on some of these beats. I guess since most of you can't rap or are corny rappers you wouldn't like this, but if you like to smoke dank and record some shit this is a good DL. P.S. I have regular mixer, mic, and equipment, but I'm lookin for a computer program that I can use to make music. like even a 4-track program.

lets see your picture on one

lets see your picture on one of these mixtapes before you call everyone else a "corny rapper" and you aint the only one smokin good boy and "ps" dont hate on people comentin this tape then ask for a computer program
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hes an idiot his profile pic

hes an idiot his profile pic says it all--and smh at not knowing any recording programs

lol i kno rite this nigga

lol i kno rite this nigga wats 2 become the next solja boi or how ever that fruit spells his name
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can't believe this fool lol

Take yo faggot ass on somewhere man, this shit you posted is so fuckin backwards and retarded i can't even laugh at it, im feeling sorry for you for lookin so stupid..
first of all aint nobody hated on this mixtape, If you didn't fail 5th grade you would have learned how to comprehend a lot better than that, Everybody is talkin about having a mixtape of Instrumentals that Wasn't made for Lil Wayne, I think only 2 or 3 Tracks on this was actually his, the rest was for other artist, these Instrumentals have been circulating on the net for a good min thats why other kats including Lil Wayne Rapped over them.. You aint gettin nothin new by listening to these instrumentals..
Then you turn around and ask for shit?? Bitch first of all if you don't know nothing about making music, re-frame from calling otha kats out on it you looked some cheesy tuckin yo tail.. I woulda told you something to use but imma let some fool misguide or let yo sorry ass figure it out.
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needs too learn how to make fake cover
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not all there

all deez beatz ain evn there!.......wak!...... need dhat single beat doe.......... -*_*-yungspizzle-*_*-
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James Carter AKA ''Sting'' Get That Mixtape

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