Lil Wayne - Outstanding (Produced By Dr. Dre)

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Its an aite track but

Its an aite track but expected more from Dre on this one Not Weezy's best work but i can smoke a blunt n chill to this R.I.P. Stack Bundles
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YOu smoke alot of crack? Beats hot... everyone expects too much from dre, besides the point THE BEAT IS HOT. Go back and listen to ur snitch set... then listen to the track again after the big blast of rock u smokin. Buck woulda ripped this beat but aw well weezy will do. BUCK THE WORLD BITCHES!!!!


GODDAMNIT SWITCH UR FUCKIN PICTURE! "I Make Rap So Eazy a Caveman Could Do It (Geico)" LOL
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Space Boogie

Shit is out the sky, great fuckin' mixtape track! A southern version of the chronic '07.
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he copyied ur shit haha

i'm so tired of this guy.

i'm so tired of this guy. i'm mean he has some good songs but he's on like every remix and mixtape cover. he's using all his decent lyrics up on everyone else's song. all his good tracks are gonna be over shadowed cause people are going to get tired of hearing him and he just won't have to have enough material to make tc3 good from beginning to end
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Song is aight but it aint original cuz it's sampled from Nas' track General which is a classic. I'm not a fan of sampling classic tracks but for all you Weezy dick riders I'm sure you'll hop on.

The Fix

I'm not a big Lil' Wayne fan(keep stuntin'), but this is a pretty good track. The beat kinda makes the song though. Anybody got the mixtape this came from? "You can drink ya hatarade and eat ya pohata chips, n*ggas like y'all is caught in the Hatrix/ But I got a hitsquad that leave hater dead, wit' a f*ckin' hole in ya Mr.Pohata head" -Saigon Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1

yo man on the real side,

yo man on the real side, this is some hot weezy, dis what the carter 3 gonna sound like..that detox need to come out
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This Song Cam frm

Southern Slang 6 Mixtape //