2 leaks off Lil Wayne's No Ceilings Mixtape

*Update: Download Lil Wayne - No Ceilings

Wayne's first official Mixtape release since D3, No Ceilings, drops Halloween! No auto-tune, no features! Keep checking MixtapeTorrent for the latest info & downloads.

Lil Wayne - Swag Surfin x Lil Wayne - Wasted

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yeah this shit is HOTTT

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My ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ stolen just that fast.

reppin701 wrote:
LMAO!!!! Nigga stop!.. lol.. it's all good i can make all types of these shits, i'd have to figure somethin else original out.
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fuck dninc

Gibe Golasa! dninc gay like lil wayne.. ya ol joe budden lookin ass bitch nigga!

i normally wouldn't download

i normally wouldn't download new wayne songs cuz i don't like what he's been puttin out lately. But i gave these try cuz it said no auotune. And i must say it's the wayne i used to like. Just him spittin over some beats and sounds like the old wayne. there both solid tracks
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i kno what u mean and since

i kno what u mean and since u said he sounds a lil like the old wayne i think ill take a gander... $Don of Decatur$ Money is Motivation


WE GOT DAT OLD NIGGA FLOW COMING BACK MAN his flow on these track are fucken sick man im glad no more of that autotune shit he does back to that drought 3 freestyle shit.

i like it i didnt think he

i like it i didnt think he could get back to this but pretty good no doubt
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Lil Wayne is clearly learning to be

a "Great Artist" by pleasing all of his fans. Too bad this bid might put him out the loop like T.I.P. These tracks are proof he hasnt lost it though

No auto tune

Was sick how he didnt use the played out auto-tune style. with wayne rappin like this and drake to his side, thats a sick duo. D.O.A.!
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Wayne Back on his shit again too bad he gone be put away.

Weezy wee back on his his grind, these 2 tracks are very solid, but the fuck happened to the original release date for this entire mixtape? Nigga' always lie about his drop dates and shit, anyway, i got these for the weekend.. I was about to put wayne to rest had it not said No-Autotune on it.
For all the doubters, download it and see fa yaself why this nigga can do anything, Rock, Techno, Auto-tune, Pop, R&B and still go harder than a mothafucka lyrically, thank god i don't have to suffer through another era of what's coming out of Ga. It's been a rough few months man..
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I think he knew the whole

I think he knew the whole time that the autotune was real played out, maybe hes smarter than I gave him credit for, most rappers get played out and you just get tired of hearing them, but before that happened Wayne changed his whole shit up, and kept it changed till motherfuckers were beggin him to go back to doin what he had already been doin since he started, and its almost like its brand new again
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Weezy is gon do whatever he gotta do to get that chedda. Even if it takes changing his style... Im sure that Rock shit brought him a whole new audience, he was touring with a couple of rock bands for awhile so you know all them lil white kids got hooked on his shit... That auto-tune was hot for a minute but it was obvious it wasnt going to be here forever... Weezy neva changed. He was just showin niggaz he iz not your ordanary everyday rapper. This nigga actually has talent! ...Bottom line he gon do whatever he wana do hate it or love it!... So fuck you and dontworry about whats in his cup. IZ HIS CUP GOD DAMMIT! lol.... keep sippin that shit weezy and sit crooked on your throne while niggaz vomit!
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Gibe Golasa! nigga if ya dont wanna hear music from Ga, then go out make some better shit, ya bitch nigga... and i aint no internet beef type nigga, im just tired of readin ya lame comments, so i had 2 get right,and let ya know how this shit goin down. Merk 1!
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Yess sirr..

Unfortunately as he is now comin "back" as everyone seems to say, his ass bout to be in jail for 8 months.. Im hopin he actually does drop on Halloween that will be a nice lil jam session b4 Em drops his Relapse 2 in December.. Then Drake supposed to drop in February and then after that, with Weezy gone, someone needs to step in his footsteps REAL TALK DuEcE eM uP--> F.A.C
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My nigga wayne wrecks the

My nigga wayne wrecks the swag surfing beat just wen i was getting tired of listening to his shit he comes out with this god damn my nigga earned the title BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!!!!1 luvinthisrapgame2009
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if his mixtape sounds like the 2 songs here.......wow.....old weezy fo sho

the return of the Drought flow

This niggas gettin back to the lyrical slaughter that was the drought 3, niggas cant fuck with it. bottom line is if his next tape is like these 2 songs, where gonna have to give him the mixtape of the year award. ****ima smoke until im high*****
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Am not use to this

Ever since i became fan of j-green and co,shits from these southern artist like ol da juiceman, gucci mane and lil wayne no longer freaks me. J-green is the shit OJ Da juiceman SUCKS!
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Wayne's in tha building

Yes Yes. This is the type of shit that keep me listening to this lil nigga.
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Ok now ya'll, Who Did these Beats justice?

Gucci Mane's "Wasted"
Lil Wayne's "Wasted"
---------My Synopsis, the Producer would be proud as fuck to hear Wayne spit like this over his production, he left shit skid marks all over this shit and renewed that beat lol..
. .
And .. Next track
. .
F.L.Y "Fast Life Yungstaz" Swag Surfing
Lil Wayne's Swag Surfing
-------- My synopsis.. I kinda liked the concept with F.L.Y's version better, it was originally a dance, they were pretty much a one hit wonder, however Wayne killed this shit too and recycled the fuck outta that beat.. But So it's kinda a tie between the two versions for me. I went to a live concert when these nigga's performed during a bunch of other performances during Bayou Classic in New Orleans and they had the entire dance floor surf swaggin like the Bus stop!, and when the twerkaz came out twerkin on the dance floor that shit was off the fuckin chain!.
; ; ;
Starting something new here (Actual Music Discussions, Opinions only please, no need to throw hate post around. )
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I would say the wasted song

I would say the wasted song that Wayne was better than Plies and as good if not slightly better than Gucci, the Swag surfing song Wayne killed that shit.............I got another one, that new 50 cent song Crime Wave has a new version that came out yesterday with Gucci mane on the song with 50, I think Gucci killed 50 on that song but what do yall think?
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Also does anybody know where

Also does anybody know where I can download the B.o.B. song Ghost in a Machine cause every link I found says the song was removed

Gucci mane can never kill

Gucci mane can never kill anybody lyrically on a song. The only people he could ever kill on a song are the people in his own entourage or maybe soulja boy
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Yea I didnt mean he killed

Yea I didnt mean he killed him lyrically, just on flow of the song, or song presence or beat rhythm or whatever you want to call it
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Gibe Golasa! This nigga,

Gibe Golasa! This nigga, just wanna fuck wayne, baby, gucci,n oj!
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I've been a lil' wayne fan since "tha Block Is hott" and people need to stop hating on Weezy!! Who else is making music worth listening to these days!! I've been waiting for Weezy to drop the Auto-Tune and go back to the Drought 3 type shit...so this shits bangin! I'm a fan but I still thought weezy's verse on "Forever" was the weakest verse out of the 4...I'm not the biggest Em fan anymore...But EMINEM KILLS IT with the last Verse!! STOP HATING ON WAYNE AND GET YOUR GRIND ON!!!!
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