Lucci Lou - Mr. Pharmaceutical (Hosted By DJ Scoob Doo & DJ Greg Street)

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1 Intro Ft Chuck
2.Mr Pharmaceuticil Ft Short Dawg
3.Im Good Ft Lil Wanye
4.Women Lie Ft Laysi
5.How U Got That Ft Raw Dizzy
6.Trip$ Ft T@
7.Who Dat Ft Deelow
8.Hard In The Paint Ft Yf Banga
9.Lets Do It
10.Wanna Be Me Ft Deelow
11.Stock Shit Stank
12.When The Money Calls Ft Nacho
13.Sally 1
14.Call Me Lucci
15.I110 Trapper Ft Corey Gunz
16.Umbrella Ft Kango,t@
17.B Tch Im From New Orleans Ft Mack Maine,t@
18.Got It Poping Ft Yf Banga,bonka Of Goon Gang
19.For U
20.One Life To Live Ft T@
21.R.I.P West
22.Outro Ft Chuck
23.Bonus Stank On Me Ft Deelow,uncle Dut

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Who the hell is this? Imma

Who the hell is this? Imma check it out, i see we getting a lot of new artist on this site.. Good or bad it's always nice to listen to fresh talent, i can listen to commercial shit when i turn on the radio.

Hes The Nigga On No Ceilings

Hes The Nigga On No Ceilings Mixtape Im Good
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OK what the fuck? He's

OK what the fuck? He's already signed to a label? i don't even know who the fuck this kat is and he signed already! lol.. thats wild but ok.

Lucci Lou

OOOh This That Dude From Lil Waynes No Ceilings (I'm Good) This Dude Kinda Sick Though...Imma Check 'Em Out