Makaveli - Rise & OverPower (RARE 2PAC!)


1) East2West Intro
2) RealSoulja
3) Body Rott(Feat. 2Pac)
4) Ghost (Prod. By Dr.Dre)
5) Death Around The Corner
6) Letz Fight Niggaz (Feat. The Notorious B.I.G)
7) WarZone AKA HellRazor (Feat. Stretch) (Prod. By Dr.Dre)
8) How We Ride (Feat. The Outlawz)
9) 88 Reasons (The UpperCut)
10) Hit Em Up Part 3 (Sample Version)
11) Real Niggaz
12) On The Edge (Feat. Shyne)
13) Ima Sucka 4 Luv (Feat. Pharelle)
14) How Do U Want It (Part 2)
15) Livin Tha Life Of A Thug (Feat. Public Enemy)
16) Fuck Em All (Feat. The Outlaws)
17) When We Ride On Our Enemies (Prod. By Scott Storch)
18) Thug 4 Mutha Phuckin Life
19) Hennessy (Feat. EDI & Sleepy Brown)
20) Better Dayz(Feat. Jon b & W.C)
21) Thugz Mansion Just Imagine (Dramacydal Feat. 2pac)
22) Rise And OverPower (Feat. Marvin Gaye) 23) Outro Reality (Fear Of Death)

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Yo can anyone post as much songs that these instrumentals came from Like I know Lets Fight Niggaz was from Game Don't Wait by Warren G Anyone know the others?

are these juz instramentals?

subject specks for itself....?

OK, but kinda unprofessional

Good DL. Body Rott is from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, song of the same name, the krayzie verse is just replaced with pac.

Ima Sucka 4 Luv ft. Pharell

Ima Sucka 4 Luv ft. Pharell is from Jay-z Excuse me miss ... lol i guess you knew it

this tape jumps alot.....

this tape jumps alot.....
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Worth It?

Is it worth dl?
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the beats on it are pretty sick, gotta admitt dl, u might like it

Rise & Overpower

I approve this ish. Not the BEST I ever heard but solid. Good compilation, nice original beats, and the recycled blends are fire! "You got a lot of nerve to play me/ Another gay rapper, bustin' caps at Jay-Z/ and still avoid capture, While y'all caught up in the rapture/ Still after me, I'm in Jamaica sippin' Daqueries/ No Doubt!/ We used to havin' nothin', then grabbin' somethin' and bustin'/ Wanted to be the thugg-n*gga, that my old man wasn't/ I came to a field, catchin' cases, litigation/ N*ggaz playa-hatin', got me crooked in all 50 states/ I'm screamin' DEATHROW, throwin' WESTSIDE, ain't no thang/ We was raised off drive-by's, brought up to bang/ We claim mob, M.O.B. if you be specific/ We control all cash from Atlantic-Pacific/ And get this, I'm hard to kill, when I peel with this live spot/ Father, how the hell did I survive, these 5 shots?/ Live it up, of give it up, and my demonds/ Late nite, hear them screamin'/ We goin' all out!" -Makaveli The Don Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1

hey can someone send it to

hey can someone send it to me in like a rar file or something