Max B & Young Riot - A Wave Called Yes


01 - Intro Goodbye Expectations
02 - Amalgam Money Dj Next Remix
03 - Living The Life Ft Curreny
04 - Why Oh Why
05 - Everybody Get High
06 - Model Of Entropy
07 - Tool In The Titty
08 - Burn An Ounce Ft Curreny Origi
09 - So Wavy
10 - Turn You On
11 - Fuck With A Hustler
12 - Assassination
13 - Massacre
14 - Off My Chest
15 - Ride On My Spaceship
16 - Newbury Yes
17 - Paper
18 - Show You Tell
19 - Interlude Nobodys Better Than M
20 - Tattoos On Her Ass
21 - Married To The Game Wavy Meets Y
22 - Lonely

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Instant Download

Biggaveli on anything, instant download. Free the Wave!

biggavell owww

biggavell owww
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why max got that what u talking bout willis look.


he do dats crazy FREE DA WAVE .....the blk shyne's on niggas, then i son them.
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This is nice

Free Max B
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Free The Boss Don Max Biggaveil....... Tell That FuckBoi Jimmy Jones to release his contract..... Toronto in this, Keeping it Wavey.....
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maybe thats the photo from when he was in court and the judge gave him them years, he said whatcha ' talkn about judge haha...but nah free the nigga.....
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Max B

I like max b. i have been listening for a few years and I like his shit..BUT why do people diss Drake when Max B is doing the same thing. He sings in his songs. Thats the reason most people hate Drake. It's funny..if thats the ONLY reason you hate Drake..then u hate a handful of Rappers
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Its not really the singing...

I just hate that gay autotune shit.
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for real thats wat i was just thinkin...cause all the max b songs i heard was his singin and i didn't like dat shit most of the time
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Max B makes good music to

Max B makes good music to be, hope he gets out...
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Always blastin some

Got sum new tracks on here dat are real smooth. Always blastin some da Wave!
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Free Max-B!!

I fucks with Max-B! This is decent 7/10.