St. Laz - Born To Be King


01 Born To Be King Intro
02 Show Off (Feat. Vain & Jim Jones)
03 Ny Murda Boy (Prod. By Chrystal Beats)
04 The Times (Feat. Opium) (Prod. By Mh & Back)
05 Born To Be King (Feat. Divinci) (Prod. By Freestyla)
06-St.Laz Feat. Nucci Reyo - No Way Back Prod. By Mh & Back
07 4 The Loot (Beanie Sigel) (Prod. By Rgif)
08 Streets Or Rap (Prod. By Dg Beats)
09 I'm Gonna Profit (Prod. By Young C)
10 I'm A Gangsta (Feat. Ya Boy Blitz)
11 Valdon - I'm The Boss (Prod. By Dg Beats)
12 Murda Capital (Prod. By Mh & Back)
13 Don't Scream (Feat. Opium Of Pottersfield & Misphit) (Prod. By Beats129)
14 Who Fuckin Wit Us (Feat. Rh-Bless & Opium Of Pottersfield) (Prod. By Soul Searchin)
15 Squeak Of Pottersfield - Rozay Sippin (Prod. By Rgif)
16 The Sewer (Feat. Wooden Souljaj & Johnny Storm)
17 Wovles & Sheep Feat. Giovannia Prat
18 Thug Tears (Feat. T.H.U.G Angelz (Shabazz The Disciple & Hell Razah) (Prod. By Dr
19 It's Over (R.I.P G-Bang) (Feat. Parmillz) (Prod. By Casa One)
20 Your Angel (Prod. By Lokenload)
21 Rap Saves Lives (Prod. By Mh & Back)
22 Choppin Rocks (Feat. The Boy Bucka Of Pottersfield) (Prod. By Trakdealaz)
23 Lost Hood (Prod. By Dj Rybe)

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dude look like he takin a

dude look like he takin a shit
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been waitin for this one, straight outta holland -010 ROTTERDAM REPRESENT-