DJ Teknikz - No Bitch Ass Ness Mixtape (Georgia Muscle Exclusive Edition)

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1. (00:02:42) Block, Diddy & Gorilla Zoe - No Bitch Ass Ness Intro
2. (00:04:13) Gorilla Zoe ft Sean Kingston - On the corner
3. (00:04:42) Gorilla Zoe - Wells Fargo
4. (00:03:51) Young Jeezy, Jody Breeze, Lil wayne & Kollosus - Get it Right
5. (00:00:19) Diddy - No Bitch Ass Ness Allowed
6. (00:04:58) Yung Joc ft Block - Whats really good
7. (00:04:18) Gorilla Zoe - Im a thug
8. (00:04:11) Jody Breeze - Watch me Now
9. (00:00:26) Diddy - The start of Bitch Ass Ness
10. (00:03:39) Gorilla Zoe ft Young Dro - Break it down
11. (00:04:05) Kollosus ft Jody Breeze - Hatin on me
12. (00:00:17) Diddy - Dont feed the Animals
13. (00:03:52) Gorilla Zoe - Doe Boy
14. (00:00:34) Rick Ross - Rick Ross Checks In
15. (00:03:56) Boyz N Da Hood ft Lil wayne - Mask on
16. (00:04:02) Gorilla Zoe - Im dumb
17. (00:00:27) Greg street drops knowledge - Track 17
18. (00:03:20) Big Gee ft Diddy - 3 days (free Big Gee)
19. (00:04:21) JC ft Big A - Looking at me 2008
20. (00:01:16) Bitch Ass Ness skit - Track 20
21. (00:04:02) Gorilla Zoe - Cant help myself
22. (00:03:05) Kollosus ft Gorilla Zoe - Not tonite
23. (00:03:25) Hollywood & K.O ft Gorilla Zoe - shorty bad

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who is bitch ass ness lol

who is bitch ass ness lol
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I dont know who this is but I got a Q. where is e-ness? Dude been M.I.A.
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what's funny is that nigga Q

what's funny is that nigga Q from Day 26 is the real start of the bitch ass ness. Bitch Ass Nigga

elliot ness

some people are so uneducated....get on google and find out who elliot ness is... these rappers now days arent gangsta enough to talk bout him

Sorry ass P-Diddy or wut eva his name is!!!

Why is P-Bitch on dis cover fuck him and anything he represents. I hate New York and always will. I wouldnt download anything with dat pussy on it.

P.diddy/Puff Daddy/Sean John

P.diddy/Puff Daddy/Sean John is! and will! always be the biggest sell out ever to walk on gods green earth! Retire you faggot and make money on your perfumes and what not...

thats the most uneducated

thats the most uneducated comment i ever hate new york cuz u cant be new york... ...back to the mixtape...where the fuck is papoose...he the one who made the song "bitch-assness" sooo you wanna know wat bitchassness is get the song.

I Honestly Really Don't Like

I Honestly Really Don't Like Diddy @ All But There Is About 11 Or 12 Good Song On Here Whats Relly Good - Yung Joc Is Fire Listen To It !