Paul Wall & The Grit Boys - On The Grind

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1. Intro
2. Don't Fuck With 713
3. Drank In Ya System
4. That's A Bet ft. J.R. Writer
5. We Don't Give A Fuck ft. Juelz Santana (prod By J.A.)
6. Shotgun ft. Papoose
7. Dem Girls ft. Red Handed
8. Respect It ft. Lil Weavah
9. Unique Drops Game
10. I'm A Pimp
11. Young Redd Drops Game
12. What They Talkin Bout
13. Trae Steps In
14. Swang Down ft. H.A.W.K And Fat Pat (R.I.P.)
15. The Hustle Game
16. Not Again
17. Paul Spits Game
18. Hol Up ft. P$C (Grand Hustle)
19. P$C Meets 713
20. Fuck It
21. Lit Up
22. Scooby Drops Game
23. Floss
24. Drink Till I Faint ft. Three-6-Mafia
25. Paul Drops More Game
26. Plenty Niggas ft. T.I. And Fat Joe
27. Unique Drops More Game
28. Get In ft. Dizzy Rascal
29. We Back
30. Pay Me ft. Lil 0
31. Freaks
32. Paul Drops Game Again
33. The Corner
34. Mac On The Table
35. Scooby Drops Game

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Dizzee Rascal

yo ive been waitin on these for too long, this is a tight mixtape and the joint wid dizzy is crazy!!
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this shit looks hot, keep that houston shit coming!

this mixtape may be new but

this mixtape may be new but most of the tracks on here are a year old at least


no songs really stood out to me cept for Drank In Ya System which is an instant classic. I am happy the beat is so much cleaner than the first version of this song I heard.
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yall got hate in ya blood...

this shit is tight, man people from the south hooking up with dipset, papoose and mother fucking Dizzee Rascal??? shit is wild, i smoked a square and listened to this shit last night and was impressed. keep em coming fizzle.

I was disappointed cuz I kno Paul Wall is the shit

I thought he would come a lil bit harder with this one. I agree that dizzie rascal is the shit man.

Sadly wack

was lookin forward to listenin to this but as most rappers who bring people up with them theyre group sucks. if this was a paul wall mixtape with the occasional g.a from one of his homies it coulda been saved. his crew sounds fuckin childish and amateur.

boss hogg outlawz

i dont mind ccc guys, but boss hogg outlawz are the shit, someone needs to seed "headed to da kappa 2k6"

last summer

mixtape is not new it was out last summer