Big Mike, D-Block & Styles P Present The Phantom Menace

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UPDATE: Torrent added

Scroll down to download the torrent or download the direct link here: HERE

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To the "Uploader"

Much respect to you!!!! Ive been waiting for this!!!!

d block

good sh!t

the ghost is jus killin


NOOO!! the

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! the site it directs you to says that the file has been removed. FUCK i was looking forward to this. "all u need is a hook n a beat, no talent" Tha Ghost

new one was added

new one was added



doesn't work

doesn't work

damn i'm sad

bring the torrents back pls is hard for me to download them from rapid share and other links like it pls bring them back. peace

its not hard at all, its

its not hard at all, its incredibly simple the torrents are coming back, but u need to use these links in the meantime


Tell me, how do you download the file? The torrents were so much easier.

The Phantom Menace

This is what you call a classic mixtape. Album material! Can't wait till his next retail. SP's the best one in D-Block, in my opinion. Keep an eye out for that sh*t, and my manns Large Amounts a.k.a. Ahk. Very talented artist on the rise, up there with Ransom, Ya Boy, and Saigon.....Anyways, this sh*t right here's probably top 3 mixtapes in the last 4 months. Word! One track that stood out to me was #26, Young Gz. Remember where you heard it first....Thanks 'jlaudiosw7'. "They say the streets is the teacher, and I'm a wise pupil." -Styles P Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1