Announcement: Torrent connection issues / Server Migration

If you're having issues connecting to new mixtapes posted here, it's because your BitTorrent program isn't UDP torrent capable. You MUST have a program that is UDP capable or you won't be able to download new mixtapes - I use Azureus and it works GREAT, super fast downloads and you can have a bunch of torrents open at once without slowing down your system, download Azureus here:

We've been transfered to our new server, some of you may have noticed we lost a few days of posts, but don't worry I re-added the tapes that were taken off and the whole site should be faster than ever. If you experience issues with the site it's because it takes 48 hours for our new DNS records to update around the world. Use the feedback form to report any bugs, thanks!

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Problem with Azureus

I don't really like Azureus I downloaded 2 Mixtape on it and only 1 could work. But both where done, and I could only open 1 of them by opening it on Azureus. I only could open the other one when I uninstalled Azureus. BTW... is Bitlord UDP capable?

I exclusively use Azureus,

I exclusively use Azureus, and I've never had the issue you described. I don't know if bitlord is, check their site.



man im havin trouble

man im havin trouble d/loadin this!!! do i have to d/load Download Latest Java JRE (1.5) then azureus??? help!!! cheerz!