Rick Ross & Jay-Z - Free Mason


01 - Rick Ross-Free Mason Feat Jay-Z John Legend
02 - Rick Ross-Mc Hammer Feat Gucci Mane
03 - Rick Ross-Aston Martin Music Feat Drake Chrise
04 - Rick Ross-Im Not A Star
05 - Rick Ross-Oooh
06 - Rick Ross-Tears Of Joy Feat Cee-Lo
07 - Rick Ross-Cigar Music
08 - Rick Ross-Champagne Music Feat Ne-Yo
09 - Rick Ross-Super High Remix Feat Wiz Khalifia
10 - Rick Ross-Bmf Feat Styles P French Montana
11 - Jay-Z-Xxxo
12 - Jay-Z-Under Pressure Feat Dr Dre
13 - Jay-Z-Ultra Feat Swizz Beatz
14 - Jay-Z-Light Up Feat Drake
15 - Jay-Z-Maybach Music 2
16 - Jay-Z-Forever Young Remix Feat Beyonce
17 - Jay-Z-I Wanna Rock G-Mix Feat Beyonce

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recycled tracks gotta love it

recycled tracks gotta love it
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Teflon Don was a retail release of everything "Rossy" in tha last 4 months, so why would U even want this? Its hard 2 even fukk wit the COVER if U know whut it all means.....0/10 *414 n da bill'din!!*
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It means NOTHING at all. Just a bunch of self opinionated garbage (2 b 1 ask 1)...
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free mason is fascinating

free mason is fascinating shit, most presidents are in that click, but these fools just use it for publicity, and you fuckers eat it up every time, ross is so fuckin gnorant, he would never be accepted.
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Go to the second page and these tracks are on another mixtape in a different sequence, look like somebody just wanted to show us their photoshop skills.. all this was put up for was the cover art not the mixtape.
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good shit

good shit