Rob E. Rob & SP - Juelz Santana: 70 Tracks Of Crack

Rob E. Rob and S.P. run wild with this 70-track megamix of the mighty
Dipset's youngest in charge Juelz Santana. Going more than 75 minutes
into the mix with the Harlem Diplomats'/Def Jam emcee, this mixtape is
nothing but pure crizzack. With new and classic tracks, including the illest
freestyles, tracks, verses, cameos & unreleased joints, this one's major!

1 - SP , Juelz Santana - Intro
2 - Juelz Santana - Oh Yes
3 - B.I.G - Interlude (Dead Wrong)
4 - Juelz Santana - Murda, Murda
5 - Juelz Santana - Many Men Freestyle
6 - Juelz Santana - Oh Boy (SP & Rob E. Rob mix)
7 - Juelz Santana - Clockwork
8 - Juelz Santana - Yup Yup
9 - Certified Gangsta - Interlude
10 - Juelz Santana - Mic Check
11 - Juelz Santana - King Of Harlem
12 - Juelz Santana - Dipset Inferno
13 - Juelz Santana - There It Go
14 - Juelz Santana - Stick Up Kids (Whisper Song)
15 - Juelz Santana - 145th & Broadway
16 - Juelz Santana - Juelz Santana's Town
17 - Juelz Santana - Make It Work 4 You
18 - Juelz Santana - Do What We Wanna Do
19 - Santan - Crunk Muzik
20 - Juelz Santana - Gunna Clap (Nolia Clap)
21 - New Juelz Juelz Santana In Stores Now!!
22 - Juelz Santana - Violence
23 - Get Em Girls Interlude
24 - Juelz Santana - S.A.N.T.A.N.A.
25 - Juelz Santana - Fuckers And Friends
26 - Juelz Santana - Straight Up Menace
27 - Juelz Santana - Long Time Coming
28 - Juelz Santana - We Tot Gunz Nigga
29 - Juelz Santana - Bandana
30 - Juelz Santana - Best Of Both Worlds
31 - Rap City The Basement Freestyle
32 - Juelz Santana - You Can't Touch Me
33 - Juelz Santana - You Aint My Homie
34 - Juelz Santana - The Preview
35 - Busta Interlude
36 - Juelz Santana - Drop A Couple Pounds
37 - Juelz Santana - Slow Down
38 - Juelz Santana - My Love
39 - Juelz Santana - Hey Ma
40 - Juelz Santana - Damn It Feels Good
41 - Juelz Santana, Razah - Changes
42 - Juelz Santana - Daddy
43 - Juelz Santana, Nicole - Love My Life
44 - Juelz Santana - Goodtimes
45 - Juelz Santana - Do My Thing
46 - Juelz Santana - Dont Want To Fuck
47 - Juelz Santana - The Champ Is Here
48 - Juelz Santana, Green Latern, Rob E. Rob (Halftime)
49 - Juelz Santana - Shottas
50 - Juelz Santana - Get Down
51 - Juelz Santana - Freeky
52 - Juelz Santana - Hold Me Down
53 - Juelz Santana - What Ever You Wanna Call It
54 - Juelz Santana - Rumble Young Man Rumble
55 - Juelz Santana - Aint Fuckin Wit Dipset
56 - Ciara - Interlude
57 - Juelz Santana - We Don't Give A Fuck
58 - Juelz Santana - Glock Pop
59 - Juelz Santana - Lil Boy Fresh
60 - Juelz Santana - This Is
61 - Juelz Santana - Lets Get It On
62 - Juelz Santana - This Goes Out
63 - Juelz Santana - Dipset Anthem
64 - Juelz Santana - Money Cash Hoes
65 - Juelz Santana - Streets Is Watching
66 - Juelz Santana - Tipsy (Freestyle)
67 - Juelz Santana - Freestyle
68 - Juelz Santana - What More Can I Say
69 - Juelz Santana - Freestyle
70 - Rob E. Rob & SP - Contact Outro


Jesse's picture

tracks of wack?

Maybe Juelz should stick to the mixtapes becuase who knows if he'll be able to put out another album under DefJam. If it were up to me he'd be gone.
dipsetallday's picture

man fuck you, all juelz

man fuck you, all juelz spits is fire, defjam is lucky to have him, fuck JAY Z, fuck Roc A Fella, fuck DEF JAM, Dipset will fuckin go all out, and always drop more crack than any motherfuckers out there . I dunno about you but I dont buy nothing but that crack, fuck all these business' around trying to take that from them, their still gonna own 2006 . unless you like buying gay-z and g-unots albums, then thats u-sissy

ok i'm sry man but if u

ok i'm sry man but if u think juelz santana is better than jay-z, then you must not know anything about hip-hop. and i dont even like jay-z but he is definitely a better rapper than juelz santana. try listening to some good rap get a little education. sugestion: 2pac Biggie Big l NaS
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u a bitch

your a waste of my time, you don't know shit
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your a bunch of little panzie ass niggaz who are jelous, you which you had as much crack in your pipe, or cash in your pocket, shut the fuck up
Jesse's picture

who is this guy?

look man first of all don't post comments calling yourself Juelz, thats just gay. second off, Juelz sucks, period. and his boy tam'pon or whatever, who does he think he is the new fiddy? tryin to beef to sell albums or what? and quite frankly fiddy and tam'pon are very similar. both can't rap, both start shit they can't possibly win, and both are heads of SHIT labels. so go ahead "Juelz" roc your bandanna, g-unit clothes and all of that, cause at the end of the day i know you listen to shit music therefore you get no respect from me.

come on man the only time he

come on man the only time he rhymes is when he says the same word twice, and half the time he just uses the repeateding sample in the beat for his lyrics. he's wack
dipsetallday's picture

man fuck off with ur jeezy,

man fuck off with ur jeezy, he's the fuckin gayest rapper ever, the snowman hahaha u little bitch
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fuck yo fag ass and santana lil pussy ass bitch D-Roc Nigga
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Santana is kinda wacked...

Cam is the only official emcee in the Dipset Crew. -melQuan "There Ain't Nuffin' Like Hip-Hop Music!"

Juelz Santana is fucked in his brain

This nigga thinks by makin 70 new songs everybody gonna think whoa. Juelz santana has never been and will never be a good rapper.

Come On 50Cent

ComeOn man how are u gonna down on him just because u ridin fiffty i saw u dissin cass on that round 3 mixtape you aint nuthin but a fiffty cent dick rider and u shouldnt come here hatin sum guy that has an artist in his name cause u do to so shut the fuck up and go play with tony yoyo or mr potato head
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dipset is killer as a whole,

dipset is killer as a whole, thats why i changed you cocklicker not cause some dick suckin muhfuckas like you talk shit about juelz or dipset, you think i give a fuck. you think they give a fuck that u hate them, any of them would fuckin kill you in 2 seconds. haha go talk all your shit up in harlem, u'd get kill't, haha, lil bitch
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go listen to your jeezy with

go listen to your jeezy with his half ass flow, say some stupid line then go "yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh", that must be the sound he makes when he gets the big one up the arse from his fagget niggas down in the ATL. you and jeezy both blow man, you might as well join him in the ATL, suckin dick for coke, and yelling "yeaaahhhhhhh" on the track. no wonder you like him, fagget. dipset all day, AY!
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Yo mfizzel, Holla!

Yo man we need to get like a blocked pussy list or some shit. this guy just talkin too much nonsense. i respect people's opinions but damn man, dicksukallday is pushin it. like dude, what's with all the gay talk, you got fantasies you ain't come to gripps with yet? plus man, be careful disrespectin A-Town, i bet your dipset boys would be smart enough not to do that.


i dont get how u can listen to terrible rap, jeezy sux, fiddy sux, dipset sux. cam'ron is the only one in dipset that deserves a little respect cause he used to have flow, back when he was in C.O.C., which you prolly never heard of. my point is, if u think juelz santana is good rap, u need to do some research, look to the roots of hip hop, and maybe you'll be enlightened, and drop this crap music. heres some more sugestions: talib kweli, fugees, big pun, 2pac, biggie, C.O.C. (children of the corn), D.I.T.C. (diggin in the crates), big L

"mr. i think i know everything about hip-hop"

fuck man, who do u think u are? "which u probably never heard of" everyone knows about children of the corn. who made u rap guru? dont give suggestions. jay-z sucks cock. if people think dipset is good rap then then they think its good rap. it is good rap. i listen and know about rap of all kinds coolsk8r, more than u. i can argue that if u like "hov" u know nothing about rap which u probably dont anyway if u like a swagger-jacking camel. jay is a mixture of all rappers combined cuz all he does is jack classic rappers lyrics. u think your rap senei mr. miyagi n shit. wax on wax off.


cam, rell, and jr writer r better, jim jones and juelz r kinda bull. that icon is hilarious though.
Jesse's picture

Dear Dick Rider

Fist off man i think it's real cute you changed your name, i guess the pressure got to you. or did you decide it wasn't fair to only suck on Juelz cock, you had to suck the whole crew off?
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Now Instead Of One Dick You Got Bout 8 To Suck!!!! U Faggot Piece Of Shit. D-Roc Nigga

hey i'll swing on u for

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why iz yo name juelz_santana i agree wit jesse cuz dat shit iz jus gay get off dat nigga dick cuz he aint dat fuckin good his lil bitch ass dats all im sayin Go listen to papoose dats real rhymin D-Roc Nigga


this shit is wack.
tazzer416's picture

uits Dip set bitch

ur dumb mother fucker u anit no shit about music dip set all day......Jay-shit is a swagger jacker


Juelz is a good rapper diff style then most rappers, if u dont like it then get the steppin quit hatin!

diss juelz?!

Thats why What the Game's Missing went platinum. Ignorant


this shit is hot

Like The Description SAYS

"this mixtape is nothing but pure crizzack." this be basehead music

fuckin straight

fuckin straight none of dem dipset niggas would ever disrespect no ATL rapper they know better.. specially after jr. mafia whooped they ass at the rucker hahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahaha.... and this mixtape some shit




how come i cant download the torrent file?


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the attachment file.... where is he?

juelz is 2 hard da truth is

juelz is 2 hard da truth is here


Okay Juelz Santana is straight fire,obviously this guy aint heard I cant feel my face,or blow the sequel,Ur boy is nasty and Jay-z quit rappin about what got him there,remmember never switch up ur style just cause u rich and thats on everything.......Fuck the haters let it be known!