Big Mike & D-Block Presents Sheek Louch in The Howling

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01. The Howling Intro 00:50
02. Doin This For Years Intro 2 00:39
03. Let The Wolves Out 01:36
04. Superstar 01:40
05. Still Kill 01:36
06. This Is For Ft. Bucky 02:15
07. Brand New Life 03:39
08. The Format Ft. Bucky 01:01
09. What's Your Profession Interlude 00:22
10. I'm Leavin Ft. Bully & A.P. 02:37
11. Choppin Rocks 02:55
12. Sayin That Shit Ft. Styles P 02:40
13. Use Me 00:58
14. 30s The New 20 01:09
15. Liquor Store Interlude 00:29
16. Hold That Ft. Bully, A.P. & AHK 02:41
17. Survival In The City Ft. Jadakiss & Styles P 02:24
18. Got My Mind Made Up 01:17
19. You Know What It Is 01:23
20. Tu Madre Ft. Chary Ary 02:23
21. Let The Wolves Out 01:15
22. Unstoppable Ft. Bucky 02:15
23. Gangsta Shit Ft. Bully 03:27
24. Straight To The Bank Ft. Bully 02:27
25. Bitches Takin Pictures Skit 00:53
26. West Coast Shit 01:52
27. Howling Outro 01:35
28. Think We Got A Problem 04:09
29. Good Love 03:28

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been waiting on this 1...

been waiting on this 1... haven't seen a Sheek mixtape for a while, should be CRACK!
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besides my cellphone got problems playin these files, this really is crack. this is exactly how i want a d-block tape to sound. lookin forward for his album...

The Howling

Thanks 'jlaudiosw7', madd props for this one. Sheek been killin' sh*t lately. This is probably the best D-Block mixtape since Night of Living Pt.1.....and I haven't even listened to it yet! D-Block D-Block OWWWWWUUUUUUUU!!! "Ayyo I talk h0w I wanna talk, bop h0w I wanna walk/ You can tell that n*gga der' is from New York/ And I still got my South n*ggaz ready to squeeze/ I don't need cake to see me with a couple of G'z/ An' I don't need a loan, muh'f*ckah I'm grown/ Had a thirty-eight before I had a phone/ I stuck n*ggaz up before y'all lil' n*ggaz started to bone/ This that Sheek Louch sh*t, y'all n*ggaz tryin' to clone" -Sheek Support the real artists. B-More signin' out...1
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j'espere que cette merde est

j'espere que cette merde est bonne car dernierement les rappeurs american n'est fond plus du rap constructive, tous c'est qu'ils font c'ettait de la merde d'un chien sale....
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ROHFF can destroy each and

ROHFF can destroy each and every American rappers out there any day and anytime "je ne suce pas de bite"

Str8 Fire

Just listened to this mixtape and its str8 fire and instant classic if you a hip hop head this CD is a must sheek always has sick delivery, flow and crazy azz lyrics sheek always sounds like he is about to punch you in the face.