Short Dawg - SDF (Sippin' Drank Fast)


1. Intro
2. SDF (Sippin' Drank Fast) (Feat. Gudda Gudda)
3. Ridin' & Sippin'
4. Tell 'Em Free Tune
5. Get Ya Money Up
6. All These (Feat. Sterling Simms)
7. On Fire (Feat. Travis Porter)
8. Big Dawg (Feat. Black Boi)
9. Bring It Back
10. Let 'Em Know (Feat. Rock Mob)
11. H-Town
12. Never Know (Feat. Da Underdawgz)
13. Feelin' Some Kinda Way (Feat. RE)
14. Aye (Feat. Soulja Boy & Lil B)
15. Beat Boxin' (Feat. Bow Wow)
16. Ghetto (Feat. Allie)
17. Pocket Full Of Money (Feat. Neno Calvin)
18. I'ma Dawg! (Feat. Spark Dawg)
19. Bout My Buisness (Feat. Spark Dawg & Yung Texxus)
20. Outro

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^ He aight, but he'll never live up to the Legacy ^

" - Bitch I'm MC Hammah!...I'mma' bout Cream! "
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legacy of what?

yo my boy alwayz is reppin this nigga but i neva really gave him a chance i might dl this shit see hwo it iz but looks like it got too many features fo me

Lil Wayne (his brother) dip shit

" - Bitch I'm MC Hammah!...I'mma' bout Cream! "
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Judging from that pill vial

Judging from that pill vial on the right it looks like Short Dawg takes estrogen hormones to get high. if thats not gay, idk wat is


Wayne aint no fuckin legacy. Not saying he's bad. I just don't think he is a legacy. I don't like his music. And that's my opinion of course. 313 Motha Fucka

im a big Young Money fan,

im a big Young Money fan, and i try tio get into this dudes tapes over an over, but he jus dont do it for me..... like usual ill prob put this nigga on the pod for a couple days then deleat
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" I know Short Dawg.. The

" I know Short Dawg.. The REAL Short Dawg" - Pimp C

dont kno

short used to be my favorite man.. flame spitta vol 1 & 2 was soooo hot. everything since he got wit young money his shit fell off I REALLY HOPE THIS BRINGS HIM BACK "punch a spectator like my man artest, im on the block pants saggin like yo grandmas breasts, YES!"
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short dawg go in

short dawg go in
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this go in