Southern Style DJs - Rock The Planet 08 (Mixed By DJ Hotsauce)

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Modern hip-hop lyrics mixed with 80's electro beats

22 tracks on the cover, 27 included in the folder (tracks are not labeled)

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not bad

not bad

not bad

but i can make one way better

Not Bad??

tez cofield wrote:
not bad
Obviously, you are a young buck, & thats St8, this is sooo much more than "not bad", this mix brings together the 80's intro to the Breakdance/Hip Hop era, (this is where it all began), & the modern day, Durty South, (knockin' the damn door down), 305 southern style rap hits of today. This is a masterpiece that should go down in history, in that Jam Pony catagory, without all the Mic overs. A superb mash-up/mix, I appreciate how the que's and the measures are so accurate, props to those Southern Style DJ's, & DJ Hotsauce. Coming from that real deal Durty 305!! DiGiTAL Wayne-(FL/US)(305) (REAL Old Skool/B-Boy) --------------------------------------------------------- Natürlich, Sie sind ein junges Buck, & thats St8, dies ist sooo viel mehr als "nicht schlecht", Dieser Mix vereint die 80's Einführung in die Breakdance/Hip-Hop Epoche, (Dies ist, wie alles begann), & der moderne Tag, Durty South, (Knockin' Die Verdammten Tür Down), 305 südlichen Style Rap Hits von heute. Dies ist ein Meisterwerk, sollte in die Geschichte eingehen, In diesem Jam Pony Kategorie, ohne die MIC Overs. A superb Mash Up/Mix, und ich begrüße wie die QUE's und die Maßnahmen sind so genau, Materialen zu den südlichen Style DJ's, & DJ Hotsauce. Kommend von diesem wirklichen Deal Durty 305!! Digital Wayne-(FL/uns Buchstabe 305) (REAL Old Skool/B-Boy)


i didnt kno bubba sparxxx was dj'in now ... haha but on tha real ... never knew dj hotsauce was white ... and i been on tha ssdj's since before we'll make yo party rock ... which was there best one in my opinion ...

leave it to some german

leave it to some german bitch ass to fuck up some good rap songs wit some techno bullshit

this shit fiya!! need more

this shit fiya!! need more like this!!

this shit fiya !! need more

this shit fiya !! need more like this!!
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wtf iz up witthe download????????????????????????