DJ Felli Fel & Spider Loc - Connected

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01.Dj felli fel intro
02.i know ridaz feat papa smurf maneuver feat big foot
04.cant be right feat snoopy blue
05.aint that easy feat. spider
06.not a dance feat young buck
07.bluetiful feat piper
08.big blacc boots feat ice cube
09.been around the world
10.when we ride feat snoopy blue big foot and pap smurf
11.I wonder if the homie know
12.hold u down feat e-note
13.just another day in la fear papa smurf and young buck york new york feat papa smurf
15.first degree feat piper and e-note
16.west coast roll call feat glasses malone and young hootie
17.out feat papa smurf and snoopy blue talking
19.its so hard
20.gon pay me feat young buck

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ive been waitin for this shit.... but soon there are gunna be a lot of game dickryders here sayin 'fuck spider joke' and shit like that................ dont hate just listen..... your not on bws who gives a fuck what game tells you to like and what not to like

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Thax, ive been waiting for this too. People dont give Spider Loc enough credit.

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attn: spider loc fans

if u had to name one spider loc song that would impress ppl who were hatin on him what would it be tho? i mean like his own '300 bars n runnin' type song, somethin they would listen to and go 'oh shit, thats actually kinda hot..' im only doin this cos what ive heard from him has been absolute garbage but it hasnt been that much

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ow helllll

Fuck da loc ok? hes not dope he aint got no buzzz and YES he has SquAshEd the beef with GAME keeep on going with your game dickryders talk.... should i call you a gunit dickryder because you have been waitin for some g-unit shit? nah! im not like that.... spider = sucky he has 3/5 good songs and thats it

i dont care what click the

i dont care what click the nigga run with or w/e i thought that spider loc was hot on a few tracks on his last mixtape so i must be a gunit dickryder since im waitin on the doctor's advocate and gunna cop it too.... your most likely gunna d/l and he doesnt have buzz cuz he aint droppin yet........

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he will never drop

if he drop he will flop and what up with the D.A? im already cop it on the .net so im waiting for the shipment i only cop good music and spider?! his flow is so weak..... oye One Blood Westcoast remix its out there with SPIDER Joke On it and his lyrics and flow wuz byfar the weakest im no rider but he sucks that all im sayin

how the fuck you tellin me

how the fuck you tellin me hes so wack when hes only put out like a total of maybe 30 songs? i bet you didnt even listen to 10 songs by him but you think hes wack because Game dissed him and said that he has no flow, game has no flow either....

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so whats a song or two he's

so whats a song or two he's put out that backs up what you're sayin? cos i dont like loc but i wanna give him a chance b4 i say foreva that he's shit and he's just another try hard diss song gangsta with wack beats and wacker flows, cos from what i've heard it hasnt been that good

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No Flow?

Has anyone heard I don't want no problems you cant say spider loc and no flow in the same sentence after hearing that song

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And another thing i hate .... why al those fucking rap bitches need to be a CRiP or a BLOOD look on the cover they are using it for SALES now.. THEY are Fake AZz a motherFakER fuck all rappers that claims to be a gangbanger stupid fucks

we are gathered here today

we are gathered here today to present spider loc with the ''worst ever rapper'' award.

man, this guy is SHIT

Yeah he is

The Gunit camp is weak there all garbage. All terrible flows

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co sign

co sign

Hmm One Word

Retirement!!! His first joint was all right. But this is some garbage. This That Sawoop S*it that you bump your head to when listening to Styles P and running over the cover of this.

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WOW - This sum real Westcoast Gangsta Shit

Now this sum real West Coast Gangsta Shit - personally I thought this mixtape is betta than the entire Dr's Advocate, so Im a keep suportin the Spider cause this shit is bangin

Ohh Yeah - Fuck The Black Ball Lickaz HAHAH faggots yall just downin dude cause he actually very lyrical if u give it a chance, yall like sum high skool kids

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man you need to get your ears checkt i have heard every shit of spider loc you know why? i really think he can be a good WESTCOAST artist he really CAN but hes not showin it... and the DA is FAR more better then this mixtape it maybe be BWS4life but it aint no high skool kid shit im 24 and i listnen to ALL RAP, got 50's albums got all mobb deep and all i can say these guys arent makin classics(good songs)anymore

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Spider joke is wack get of

Spider joke is wack get of his dick I aint saying game is any better but you got to be kidding if you think this shit is tight If you want to hear some real west coast fire listen to Crooked I

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ok i listened to this

ok i listened to this because of all the shit talking and being not for gunit or bws, this guy just plain flat out is not that good. not because he beefed with game or because he with gunit, he just isnt as good as other people out. best out without an album is papoose, and he just makes everyone else sound like shit. sorry but don't waste your time, there are better west coast rappers out there than him. most of them are in the bay, a few in LA but he'll never see a retail drop in his career unless its like a gunit collaboration jumpoff or something like that.

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thanks for that

thanks for that comment.
there ae so many whacked freaks out there are all "GAME" or "50" that don't give shit whats going down unless their master dropped it, like they would love a stinking wet turd dropped by their OBE WAN. Yes you Game & 50 disciples are wet and stinking. don't take this shit personaly you dick sucking fags

shit thumps

this is da only nigga out of the g-unit camp i got love for! this shit right here thumps im feeling the WEST COAST roll call, thats the shit right there... i havent really heard any of the other songs except for; bluetiful, big blacc boots, and that computer love song he has on his myspace... idk but everything ive heard from him has been hard.. we'll see tho man, but i have a feeling the west coast is back.. alot of youngsters coming up that have been hearing dre, warren g, and snoop all their lives are starting to come up and spidr loc's one of them....