DJ Killa K & DJ Krunchone Present Karbeen Mafia - No Nutz No Money

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1. Schife Intro
2. Lets Talk Money
3. We What In Inter
4. Slaughter House
5. Put Your Hamds Up Feestyle
6. Im Into All Of That
7. Toe Down Inter
8. What U Talkin About
9. How We Rockin Ho
11. G Boi Inter
12. Heron Money
13. Circles And Squares
14. Schife Inter
15. Benihana
16. Cociane Inter
17. Its A Beautiful Thing Ft. Joe Boom
18. Gun Game
19. Lets Do It
20. Its A Movie
21. Runnin Off
22. Outro

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Bout time Sean Kingston,

Bout time Sean Kingston, Puffy, and Jadakiss do a cd together. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout