Stretch Armstrong & Puff Daddy - Bad Boy Mixtape Vol 3 (1996)


Side A

1. The Lox & The Notorious B.I.G. "Freestyle"
2. Nas, Kamikaze & Cormega "On The Real"
3. Das EFX & Mobb Deep "Microphone Master Remix"
4. M.O.P. "Raise Hell"
5. The Fugees "Fu-Gee-La"
6. Redman "Funkorama"
7. Blahzay Blah "Danger Part II"
8. Jay-Z "Dead Presidents"
9. AZ "Freestyle"
10. Jay-Z "Freestyle"
11. Foxy Brown "Freestyle"
12. The Fab 5 (OGC & Heltah Skeltah) "Leflah"
13. Big Noyd & Prodigy (Mobb Deep) "Recognize & Realize"
14. LL Cool J "Doin It"

Side B

1. Puff Daddy "Intro"
2. Total "Someone Like You"
3. D'Angelo & AZ "Lady" (DJ Premier Remix)
4. The Lost Boyz "Renee" (Remix)
5. R. Kelly & The Notorious B.I.G. "Be Happy"
6. Total, Foxy Brown, Lil Kim & Da Brat "No One Else Remix"
7. Redman "Freestyle"
8. Busta Rhymes "Freestyle"
9. Busta Rhymes "Woo Hah"
10. Wu Tang Clan "Winter Warz"
11. Mobb Deep "Still Shinin"
12. Ghostface "Motherless Child"
13. Erick Sermon "Maintain"
14. OC "Love & Affection"

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hey jada1212 can you split the tracks my man, good look!

Download this shit just for

Download this shit just for that wu-tang song winter warz! Has got one of hip hops hardest verses in it period!

Winter Warz

Discomboomerate isn't a real word Sorry Cappadonna......

aaaaaaaah nigga i had this

aaaaaaaah nigga i had this cassette tape a long time ago and been tryn' to get this for a minute if you got the first two bad boy mixtape w/ dj clue that a be a good look

Yo this is truly a great

Yo this is truly a great find!!!! This is what Hip-Hop is about!!! Good Looks on the upload!

This shit is takin me back

This shit is takin me back props Jada1212, all tha kids from the "wayne" era need to download all these old school mixtapes and get their hip hop weight up see what the game was before everybody was "Best rapper Alive"

Yeah, a lot of us can say

Yeah, a lot of us can say the same thing about hip hop from the 80's. Stop hating on Wayne, he was coming up shortly after this mixtape appeared.


shortly? why is his clown ass even bein mentioned on this page? He aint shit

If you have any old Cormega

If you have any old Cormega mixtapes that mutha fucka is real, kickin that real knowledge.

ol school mix tapes

jada1212 you are the dude with these classics so i have to ask do you have or know where i could find dj clue show me the money-1997 and dj clue springtime stick up 1996 these are bangers for real so i was just wondering. get at me if you could help

Holy shit

I remember this, I got this when i was 7 years old. When hip hop was alive, where dudes like soulja boy and plies were never mentioned in da game. '96 fire. keep dem classics comin jada

YO this tape is hot good

YO this tape is hot good lookin my dude!!

this is that shit

jada you are the dude on here right now! I am still looking for those old clues like springtime stick up pt2 1996 and that show me the money 1997. and for those who just gotta mention the boy from new orleans he has no place being mentioned on this cause these are real mc's on this mixtape none of them had ghost writers so if you still feel he is the best ever and all that other bullshit yall be putting on here then one yourself and start blogging on his web site not here!


I feel like I'm in high school again. Man, you got the classics!!!