DJ Clue - 4,5,6 (Going For Broke) (1996)

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01-Nas feat Nature - The Foulness Pt. 3.mp3
02-Mobb Deep - Drop a Gem On Em.mp3
03-Lil Kim feat Notorious Big - Queen *****.mp3
04-Mobb Deep feat Godfather - Rep Da QBC.mp3
05-Akinyele - **** U For Free.mp3
06-Ghostface Killah - The Water Technique.mp3
07-KRS-One - One Emcees.mp3
08-Nas - Take It In Blood.mp3
09-Lil Kim feat Puff Daddy - No Time.mp3
10-Keith Murray - The Rhyme II.mp3
11-Capone and Noreaga - Illegal Life.mp3
12-M.O.P. - Firing Squad.mp3
13-Jay-Z - Freestyle.mp3
14-112 feat Lost Boyz - Come See Me.mp3
15-Keith Sweat feat Kut Klose - Twisted bw Da Bridge.mp3
16-Mona Lisa feat The Lox - Just Wanna Please You (remix).mp3
17-Dr. Dre, KRS-One, RBX, B-Real & Nas - East Coast West Coast Killer.mp3
18-Mobb Deep - Everyday Gunplay.mp3
19-Redman - ItÆs On Fire Tonight.mp3
20-Mcgruff - Make It Hot.mp3

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see that lineup people, this

see that lineup people, this is when real hip hop was at its pinnacle. I remember buying this mixtape( yes tape, not cd) when I came home one day from high school.
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2, 3, 8, 9, 11, 15, 16, 20, 25, 26!!! I remember fuckin bitches to that 112 & Keith Sweat Joint haha, i lost my virginity to that twisted song LMAO, niggas on here was still in diapers, real talk! this was THE BEST clue tape ever made, i had this tape is 1996! I was in Jamesburg wit that CNN war report tape, that was the BEST ALBUM OF ALL TIME!!! War report still plays in my deck, dat and mobb deeps Hell on earth, BOTH classics but war report is the best album EVER hands down!!!