DJ Lazy K - Sumthing 4 Da GzZZ 7 (Hosted By Rick Ross)


01-rick-ross--intro.mp3 1.22 MB
02-rick-ross--sumthing-4-da-gzzz-freestyle.mp3 1.75 MB
03-mariah-carey-ft-rick-ross--touch-my-body.mp3 3.97 MB
04-max-b--freestyle--not-on-mdb-2.mp3 1.45 MB
05-Lil-wayne-ft-static-major--lolliepop.mp3 97.01 kB
06-rick-ross-ft-jay-z--maybach-music.mp3 225.01 kB
07-rick-ross-ft-t-pain-lil-wayne-red-caf.mp3 96.96 kB
08-rick-ross--ft-triple-cs--j-rock--ridin.mp3 5.75 MB
09-young-buck--all-eyes-on-me-produced-by-ja.mp3 4.30 MB
10-camron--touch-my-body-street-mix-is-killa.mp3 97.00 kB
11-max-b--i-walk-the-streets-alone--xclusive.mp3 177.71 kB
12-max-b--part-time-lovers--xclusive-3rd-verse.mp3 750.42 kB
13-max-b--shade-45--skit.mp3 2.68 MB
14-max-b--freestyle.mp3 1.74 MB
15-max-b--bad-whiskey---xclusive--off---md.mp3 5.41 MB
16-max-b--rick-ross--interlude.mp3 804.46 kB
17-state-property--seven-oceans---new-album.mp3 108.02 kB
18-mazaradi-fox-ft-prodigy--murda-murda-murda.mp3 97.01 kB
19-leto-ft-ag--douple-life--freestyle.mp3 222.05 kB
20-cavlar-rip--skit.mp3 500.27 kB
21-cavlar-rip--skit.mp3 743.29 kB
22-50cent-ft-g-unit--i-like-the-way-she-do-it.mp3 3.28 MB
23-t-bird--skyy-high---skit.mp3 339.04 kB
24-rick-ross--we-shinnin.mp3 4.58 MB
25-jay-bezel-skull-gang---takin-over-philly.mp3 95.76 kB
26-jay-bezel-ft-james-bond--freestyle.mp3 3.32 MB
27-juelz--skull-gang--sumthing-for-da-gzzz--ou.mp3 274.30 kB
28-skyy-high-ft-max-b--french--millionaire.mp3 6.77 MB

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wat age is big chubby ross anyway, his tunes r "g" but he ait!!!!!!!


u aint G

suck me

u no ave no idea i roll kidd up da IRA!!!!!!!

he is 30

he is 30

dam kimbo was in

dam kimbo was in shape...what happen kimbo you stop training with bas?....haha fat ass ricky ross put ur shirt on !

dis shit sux

man dont download dis shit, shit wack as a bitch dogg word, rick ross ite sometimes but dis shit got about 10 songs only 10sec long, a waste of time dogg word

Don't take ur shirt off no

Don't take ur shirt off no more bro! the mixtape sucks by the way

Eww............ Put on a XXL

Eww............ Put on a XXL shirt dawg.

Bad Built ass nigga ga damn.

Bad Built ass nigga ga damn. Put yo Tall T back on nigga. horrible ass mixtape