The Empire And Gucci Mane - Bird Flu Part 2

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1. Empire
2. I’m Horney
3. Throw Up
4. What You Finna Do
5. Star Status
6. I’m So Fresh
7. I Like
8. Fortune
9. Four Star Motel
10. Certified G
11. I’m The Shit
12. Loud
13. Ice Cube
14. Cherrios
15. Wet Wipes
16. I’m That Guy
17. Hot Damn
18. Do It
19. That’s Me
20. Photoshoot (CLUB BANGER)

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I think i see one are 2 new tracks im gonna cop dis shit
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Im still bangin Chicken Talk

Im still bangin Chicken Talk 2, but i'll get this one
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L.K.C Shoot Out To So Icey

L.K.C Shoot Out To So Icey ENT.......Keep Dropin dem mixtapes............Brightmo in this bitch Detroit 313


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prob some old stuff but thats whats up GUCCI MANE LA FLARE
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What the fuck?

man this shit was garbage. the only good song is fortune. his freestyles used to be alot better, alot better. i dont let 'em swallow / i show em' how to use it man