The Empire & Gucci Mane - Guccimania

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2.Wasted Ft. Plies (Produced By Fat Boi)
4.Do It Ft Shawty Lo & Busta Rhymes (Produced By Fat Boi)
5.Ridiculous Remix Ft Oj Da Juiceman & Yo Gotti (Produced By Zaytoven)
6.Wrong (Produced By Nitti)
7.Boi Ft Mike Jones & Young Problemz
8.Gorgeous (Produced By Zaytoven)
9.First Day Out (Produced By Zaytoven)
10.Photoshoot Live
11.Hustlers Anthem Ft Busta Rhymes Oj Da Juiceman & Ryan Leslie
12.Put Em Up Ft Shawty Lo
13.I'm A Dog Live
15.My Daughter Ft French Montana
16.Break Up Ft Mario & Sean Garrett (Produced By Bangladesh)
17.Drinks Up Ft Bobby V (Produced By Nitti)
18.New World Champion

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lol @ cover

gucci hogan lol dis a good mixtape its gucci
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Yeah hes nice but I give that nigga a run for his money Cristyle Prince of Up Top-2009 Mixtape Debut Album Coming Summer 2009
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Well Damn!

Only a couple of old songs, mostly new shit! I can't believe it goddamn! Number 8 and 9 are mixed up though, you'll see once you listen to it

gucci man is wack

dis nigga sux check out that real

u a fuckin hater

thebiznizz wrote:
dis nigga sux check out that real
and stop givin ppl dat stupid ass site


dis dude finally drop his new mixtape man cant wait till he drops the other one with dj drama.
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Gucci On His LaFlare Shit!!! THis Shit Go Hard!1!!

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bout time theres some new gucci im sure the next tape with drama is gonna be crazy

I listened and am dissapointed., and I fuck with Gucci

there's is nothing I can recommend, except maybe "Wasted" and "Boi", but those were already on Street Runnaz 34.5. And "Gorgeous" is "I'm Back Bitch, with lower quality. just skip this mixtape.
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gucci mane



what the fuck are with "THE EMPIRE" "THE EMPIRE" drops every 15 seconds. we fuckin we know already. they are getting out of control with that shit. im not going to be in the whip with the window down as "THE EMPIRE" blares out the window. good tape AS USUAL otherwise

Pirate status.

Well, I mean, it's not like they get legal permission to do these mix tapes. If Atlantic Records decided to come down on their ass for this tape, putting drops all over it helps them to not get in as much shit because it's not the original uninterrupted audio.


this nigga cold ah but check this out
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Bottom line .5 out of 10

Bottom line .5 out of 10