DJ 5150 And Big Stacksss - My Chain Cost More Then Your Box Chevy


1. My Chain Cost More Than Your Box Chevy(produced by Myke Murda)
2. Uncle Tom
3. Stop Playin(produced by Myke Murda)
4. Dope Boy Fresh feat. Choey Cash(produced by Myke Murda)
5. I Gotta Eat(produced by Zaytoven)
6. Pay To Play(produced by Zaytoven)
7. Site To See(produced by Zaytoven)
8. Big Bank (produced by Zaytoven)
9. Im All That(produced by Zaytoven)
10.Mr. Miogi feat. Yokie(produced by Myke Murda)
11. Major Moves feat. Humble G(produced by Zaytoven)
12. Wrist Workin feat. Choey Cash/Yokie(produced by Flow Traffic)
13. Break It Down(Produced By Myke Murda)
14. Interstate Heavyweight(produced by Myke Murda)
15. Backpack Rapper(produced by Flow Traffic)
16. MVP
17. Jarhead/OohRah(produced by Flow Traffic)
18. Runaway feat. Yokie/Choey Cash(produced by Flow Traffic)
19. Going Horse(produced by Myke Murda)
20. Bonkers(produced by Flow Traffic)
21. Fast Lane(produced by Myke Murda)
22. Outro

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Big Stack$$$!

Front cover's dope... got 3 producers producing the whole thing..i'm gon check it. TALENT DISPLAY dot NET (Come thru.. check out some good music y'all)