Tony Moon - Lunar Plexus


You may remember Tony Moon's debut project we posted back in 2008 Moonshine: You Know, For Kids!, here goes his latest project Lunar Plexus

1. (00:03:46) Tony Moon - Mic Check Ein Zwei
2. (00:02:37) Tony Moon - Freedom
3. (00:02:27) Tony Moon - Rebel Hell
4. (00:02:03) Tony Moon - Ghost In The Shell
5. (00:01:21) Tony Moon - Hopeless Instrumentalude
6. (00:03:43) Tony Moon - The Living Proof (Feat. Jah-I-Witness Emcee, Sunny Tuff & Clara T. Street)
7. (00:02:50) Tony Moon - Crazy World
8. (00:02:13) Tony Moon - Rappity Rap Interlude
9. (00:01:02) Tony Moon - All Right Snippet
10. (00:01:04) Tony Moon - Paranoid Schizo Snippet
11. (00:03:20) Tony Moon - Lanchi Beye (Feat. B Sheba, Fatso, Tamika Jones & AP)
12. (00:05:02) Tony Moon - Hold My Head Up (Feat. Noodles & Cram)
13. (00:03:20) Tony Moon - Requiem For A Lunatic
14. (00:03:38) Tony Moon - Midnight Music [Bonus Track]
15. (00:05:28) Tony Moon - Tales From The Time Loop

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Good Tape, DL it.

EZ Tony! Nice mixtape again! I liked the other mixtape you did (Moonshine: You Know For Kids), this one seems more refined though. Both of em are good all the same. Keep up the good work. Roll on your next mixtape. Peace.
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this dude has that really rare ability to rhyme. i thought it was harder to do nowadays but this guy proves any1 can do it if yu take your time puttin it together
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Shit is dope. if you haven't

Shit is dope. if you haven't downloaded this do it now