Tory Lanez - Mr. 1 Verse Killah (Hosted by DJ ill Will & DJ Rockstar)

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01. Dark Fantasy
02. Black And Yellow
03. Miss Me
04. Hot Toddy
05. All I Want Is You
06. Super High
07. Speaking Tongues Feat N-R.I.M.E.
08. Aston Martin Music
09. Start It Up
10. Light Up

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I heard the All i want is

I heard the All i want is You cover on Worldstar. He got his own style and i appreciate that. Most niggas try to take the original artists' style and flip it but he came wit his own. I respect that cuz he know he's not fuckin wit Cole lyrically. Imma chec this out. --Music Keeps The World Turning-- --Lyrics Keep The World Yearning--
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Heard his One Verse One

Heard his One Verse One Hearse tape and it was alright. Dude has nice flow like dude above said. on the Sexy Bitch instrumental he spits with a english accent and its still raw. When he says get fucked up and read all about it i was rollin lol