Trap-A-Holics , DJ Rell & DJ 5150 - Trap Music 5

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1.Lil Wayne Snap
2.Lil Wayne Up In The Club Feat Swizz Beatz
3.Shawty Lo Feat Lilwayne&Trey Songz-Got What They Need
4.Lil Boosie Uh Ohh
5.Lil Boosie Bitch Please
6.Gucci Mane &Young Joc Bitch I Need
7.Oj Da Juice&Gucci Mane Do It
8.Oj Da Juiceman Nigga Hate On Me
9.Lil Wayne&Keyshia Cole Sweet Memories
10.Rick Ross&Lloyd Penthouse Suite
11.Rick Ross,Akon&Jaimee Foxx-Swagga
12.Lil Wayne&Jadakiss Deathwish
13.Shawty Lo,Gorilla Zoe&Rocko Swagg
14.T.I. I’m Dat Nigga
15.Young Jeezy&Pharell Rumor Has It
16.Bun B&Bolo Thug Dance
17.Yo Gotti Sold Out
18.Lil Wayne Throw It Back
19.T Pain&Lil Wayne Arab Money
20.Lil Boosie I Want You
21.Young Jeezy&Young Buck I Got It
22.Rick Ross Heartless
23.Plies&Sean Garrett Street Light
24.Oj Da Juice&Mac Brez Wooo
25.Gucci Mane Trunk Be Bumpin
26.Ludacris,Nas&Jayz I Do It For Hiphop
27.Rick Ross However Do You Want It

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new shit

I hope this shit better than some of that other shit, they keep puttin the same damn songs on every fuckin mixtape!


Oh no!!! It was all good...I was excited till I saw Rosszilla again. I know he famous, rich az fuck, but still COVER THAT DAMN STOMACHE, MOUNT MIAMI, I dont wanna see a RICKANIC ERUPTION!!!

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that nigga gonna have diabetes any day now


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this shit is so old get on

this shit is so old get on some new shit like biggy jiggy bitch

Lil Wayne

Mixtape DJ yall need to work on yall covers, much love for dropping these tapes but damn, a nigga get tired of looking at the the same shit on different covers, ie. Lil wayne squating and rick ross fat ass titties and shit. Thats fuckin disgusting famo

Trap Music 6.0 ???

Whats up wit trap music 6.0 i seeyin' the cover and the tracklist Everywhere but i ain't seeyin no download torrent nowhere , yo mixtapetorrent , can you upload that mixtape on your website ???