DJ Whoo Kid & BDJ Records Present Canadian Coke Pt. 2: Uncut Raw

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01.kazh feat nore and billy blass - never no more [04:22]
02.suni clay - street hop [03:37]
03.d grimes feat talksick - watch me [04:21]
04. - thats that remix [04:27]
05.young gun feat azma - [02:14]
06.classified - find out [04:19]
07.b smith feat billy blass ans azma - sacrifice [02:41] whoo kid and chris hines - with groupies in thailand [01:09]
09.dogg pound feat young gun - vibe with a pimp remix [03:14]
10.kazh feat suni clay and young gun - so dangerous [04:18]
11.b smith feat billy blass and dawg heart swagger - tuck you [04:42]
ice remix -------
12.young gun and azma - hollywood [03:05]
13.k - rupson-angel [03:29]
14.slim of 112 - drop [00:37]
15.b smith feat slim of 112 dawg heart swagger and dooms - [03:50]
daddy loves you ------- 1 - no fuss [03:40]
17.b smith feat nore young gun and zaki - im thinkin of [03:50]
18.dooms feat young gun - toss it up [03:44]
19.young kazh - freestyle [01:11]
20.bishop feat ken masters - which one [04:09]
21.dawg heart swagger and dooms - stuck 2 you remix [02:36]

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I couldnt imagine that this

I couldnt imagine that this is a real whoo kid cd.

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Why Not?

Yes its real.....?

Were You Think your get your crop from? ah? Stacks and Pounds of that shit.... all your weed comes from us....

Canadian Weed

our weed fuckin owns american pot...take notes from us boys.

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weed in canada

is it true dat weeds legal in vancover or toronto or sumshit?

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no and I stay high and I


and I stay high and I still got my diploma and I still get that maggie on me like homer

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canadian rappers?

is this like rappers from canada's shit or what???

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In van (British columbia)

In van (British columbia) they are really easy goin on pot...u got a bag on u doesnt mean shit but a pound is gonna get seized, i blaze at bus stops, shopping centers...fuck ive blaze right infront of the cop hq yeayyyuur

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Same in winnipeg but not as laid back as Vancouver...I brought an O of B.C. bud back from my trip and that shit wus off the hook yo!

REAL GRIMEY CANADIAN KLICK <<< thats sum REAL grimey canadian shit whoo kid musta been fuckin slackin puttin this tape together...WINNIPEG REPRESENT

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Tha Peg

Winnipeg Stand Up! lol but yo the hottest thing to come out of winnipeg wus Platinum Black :S HAHAHAA

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down in T.O. Kron is iight... not the best but cops is kinda relaxin but still if u catch the wrong cop wrong time you headin to the beach! surprised that POINT BLANK from regent aint on this shit they been gangsta from the start

Its good to see Classified

Its good to see Classified on there, he been at it for years reppin Halifax


if you think this mixtape is real, your an idiot................