P-Cutta - Street Wars #17: The Mixtape Game Is Dead

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1 - P-Cutta feat.. Abeeku & Don Brody – Fly Off The Roof
2 - P-Cutta – SW17 Intro
3 - Nas – Carry On Tradition (Dissin' 50 Cent)
4 - 50 Cent – Rob Me Blind (Dissin' Jadakiss, Nas, Jay-Z, Oprah)
5 - Styles P feat. J Hood – G-Joint (Dissin' G-Unit)
6 - Nas feat. Jay-Z, Illanoise – Black Republicans Rmx
7 - Jay-Z Speaks vs Jim Jones
8 - Jay-Z – Brooklyn (Dissin' Jim Jones)
9 - Jim Jones feat. Juelz Santana – Harlem (Dissin' Jay-Z)
10 - Jim Jones Speaks vs Jay-Z
11 - Nas – Money Over Bullshit (Dissin' Jim Jones)
12 - Peedi – Fallin (Dissin' Juelz Santana)
13 - Un Kasa – Peedi Crackhead (Dissin' Peedi Crakk)
14 - Illanoise – J.U.I.C.E. The Movie Intermission
15 - Nas Speaks vs Jim Jones & Hip Hop Is Dead
16 - Nas – Hip Hop Is Dead (Dissin' The Industry)
17 - Young Jeezy Speaks vs Nas
18 - Young Jeezy – Streets On Lock (Dissin' Bleu “Bmf”, Gucci Mane)
19 - P-Cutta feat.. Illanoise & Smif-N-Wessen – Get Em
20 - Game feat. A Lot Of Artists – One Blood (Beef Mix)
21 - Snoop Dogg feat. Young Jeezy – Wanna Be’s (Dissin' Lil Wayne)
22 - Gomez Brothers vs Jarule Skit
23 - Jarule – 21 Gunz (Dissin' G-Unit)
24 - Skillz – End Of Year Re-Cap 2006 (Dissin' Everybody)
25 - Uncle Murder feat. News (Dissin' Gravy)
26 - Gravy – Fake Niggas (Dissin' Uncle Murder)
27 - Papoose – 50 Shots (Dissin' NYPD)

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shud b gd

16 wasnt all that great, hope this is better...thanks for the up mfizzel!


nice mixtape but i'm getting sick of beef.... i especially liked G-Joint with styles p and j-hood (ill beat)....it's off the new styles album time is money. Oh and it maybe me but is that 50 Cent track really 50 Cent? I've heard this song before and it kind of confuses me but i dono it might just be me


Nah that ain't Fidy on the track that's his cousin from what I heard......


You're thinking of Dead Prez, 5-0 stole the beat...

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nas is the fakest in the game right now, I hope some1 fuckin kills him, or he retires.


By the picture you I can tell you know nothing about real. DIPSET???? Come on those dudes made a CHRISTMAS ALBUM!!!! Some one needs to educate you on what real is..or a the least give you a hug.


Diplomats99 wrote:
nas is the fakest in the game right now, I hope some1 fuckin kills him, or he retires.

So says the person with the name Diplomats99...LOL

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fuck you

nas is the truth only east coast rapper that still has any talent

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50s da main man, Ja rule tryin to return (no chance) this dudes done and dussted. gud mixtape thanx mate.

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Nsh..it's too good for 50

I love the SW mixtapes lol it aint 50...the dude sings but hes better than 50 and he raps better too. It's his cuz Two-Five. what's wit Wayne n Snoop?...oh yeah...fuck Snitchset! Nas tha realest. go out...get a hip hop education and THEN post on here

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Nas was good once

Nas was a great rapper but now he thinks he is apreacher no one interested in all this hip hop is dead shit. if we talkin about the realest out then why is JEEZY dissin him the snowman is real talk

Fuck all yall

2GunzUp wrote:
Nas was a great rapper but now he thinks he is apreacher no one interested in all this hip hop is dead shit. if we talkin about the realest out then why is JEEZY dissin him the snowman is real talk

Maybe because Jeezy aint real, bitch? Nas the best rapper alive yall niggaz respect the king. He will lyrically destroy anyone out now yall niggaz just scared for him to. No one is interested in "Hip hop is dead bullshit", you fuckface his album debuted at #1 on the charts in his first week and is going platinum.. dont tell me no one is interested bitch.

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Yup it is alive, now that "Hip-Hop is Dead" is out.


How is that nigga Young Jeezy trying to get at my nigga NAS he is fucking stupid Nas will crush that wackass lame ass rapper all he got is hot beats. Lyrics are lame he a rapper he is a talker. FUCK JEEZY he is making the biggest mistake of his rap carrier.

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jeezy n snoop dissin weezy?

jeezy man i aint feeling dat shit yo like ur dissin weezy n shit like how is my nigga a wanna b n snoop man ur lettin me down like the lil nigga is the best out there if jay is suppose to die tomorrow who do u think has the game in there palm like i aint feeling dat track at all buh i kno weezy is about his cake so he aint gon fuck wt ur'll

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Weezy'd be frontin like his daddy!!!!!!

weezy'd be frontin like his daddy frontin like his daddy hey hey you ain't stuntin you just frontin like your daddy..
what his name cuz? Weezy fuckin Babby... yo waite i don't think yall get it "Weezzy is fuckin Babby". stunner ain't your daddy Weezy get his dick up out your mouth..

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u gots to b an ass

nigga dont let ppl fool ur dumb ass u b hearing shit from alll over the place like this nigga gots cake n he in this game b4 nuff of these wack ass niggas ur'll aint no bout rap nor hip hop like nigga jay is the motherfuckin best rapper alive n he himself says dat weezy is the future so bitch ass nigga wen gillie da ass is rapping hes jus rapping so weezy kan holla back he even has a song "holla back" like this nigga is jus looking for money u dumb fuck lol man get ur shit right niggas jus hate wen u gots cake n ppl is realising dat hes getting there dats y there trying to bring down the boy man u'll see wat am talkin this year

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i'm not sayin the nigga sucks

i'm just sayin that he'd be frontin that's all
to me his like bow wow tryin to hard to be a G...... how can u be a G when your in tired life was peaches and cream........
he makes good music but shit it's all hype watch you'll see how bad he'll fall next years if ain't this year

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i dig wat ur saying buh.....

i dig wat ur saying blood buh weezy bin here from time n i dont think would b frontin n i dont think he wants to b g he is g like this nigga bin in the game since the age of 16 or even less n ive bin listening to him from time so i kno this guy like from snce he bin here he bin spitting gangster musick trust me like i love music n i kno music like yea bow wow is jus a nigga dat wants tob g like y the fuck snoop is dissin n his lil nigga is a wanna b himself like trust me blood i dig wat ur saying fully buh am jus saying the nigga is g like hes in m.i.a n who do u think hes shilling wit no other buh trick n hes the boss of m.i.a wit out a doubt so u gots to really look at things from all the angles man b4 u kan start assuming

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hey i don't know about y'all

hey i don't know about y'all but i'm feellin that fidy's new track
50 Cent – Rob Me Blind (Dissin' Jadakiss, Nas, Jay-Z, Oprah)

just for the record i ain't no rap prostutue who jump from rapper to rapper.
if i got the frist album i'm get the whole collection from mixtape to dvd's .
cause what the point of havin one of 30's when u can get em all bitches???
yeah i'm fly bitch!!!!!!!!