Young Buck - The Taped Conversation (G-UNIT DISS)

"Without me you're just a U-N-I-T / Without B you should just give it out free / Cause in the South we consider you weak / n*gga when I speak the streets get relief / They really find the truth out about this beef / A victim of defeat when your album was released / When Jay-Z made Kanye look like a beast / BET told Jim Jones it was peace / Just trying to get some NY love at least / But they lovin' me..."

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fuck u then buck that

fuck u then buck that rymes "fuck buck" u were cool once but now naw

fuck yall

Yall some fags 4 likin dat bitch ass nigga "50","hint" he a bitch cuz yu dont sign a nigga better than you and pay a nigga less than wut he deserve. and i aint gone let yall pussys dis my nigga like dat, cuz all dat nigga tried to do is get money, give yall pussys something to get hype to in da club but yall complaining. i could see i yall was 2 like juels santana cuz he probably the best da north got right. so why yall gone rep a nigga dats talking bout candyshops and shit yall forget who da origanators of yall so call hood music "TENEKE" and for yall who cant read get it straight "TENNESSEE" mudafuckas. so get it straight buck aint no bitch he jus keepin our states talent out there for yall pussie to listen to. im out

plz g-unit is nothing never

plz g-unit is nothing never was. alls it was in the start was a big boy band. it had 3 kids=(1/2 dolla, toony gayo, loony banks and 2 men=(game and buck). 1/2 dolla nothin but a selfish nigga!!! thats just realizing everything about g-unit is fallin apart, so he makin BS beefs lmfao... so will we hear buck and game mixin it up now??? dirty south and west coast mixin it up a lil bit mo???

shut up gayme and buttfuck

shut up gayme and buttfuck were cool but they just gayass homos "Gaymeover/Fuckbuck"

Nigga Please

G-unity wrote:
shut up gayme and buttfuck were cool but they just gayass homos "Gaymeover/Fuckbuck"
I really want to knowwaht you have in rotation right now, Game gay never. I see why so many real motherfuckers think hip hop is dead, because gay motherfuckers like yourself is repping hard while you snap your fingers and getting cruck.

G A Y U N I T !


Like we don't question the

Like we don't question the knowledge of a guy who can't turn his fucking caps lock off.

I'm glad Buck left his was

I'm glad Buck left his was the best in the UNIT besides BANKS...Why do you think 50 isn't letting them wrk on their own solo shyt, cuz BANKS would do better in sales than 50...T.O.S is same crap!!!

Banks sell more nigga u

Banks sell more nigga u crazy..banks is shit..buck is shit

Nigga Please

So you must think 50 cent is the hottest in G Unit right now? Oh yea game and buck or gone. We all know what happen when game did better than 50, now if/when buck relaeases another album, we will see how crazy you and 50 look when he sells more copies than anyone of 50 cent albums. After all, we are talking about a rapper who does the samething he critizes (Singing on tracks.)

Banks is the truth

Banks don't have wack songs I think him being with the unit is killin him cuz 50 drops wack songs now people think banks is garbage cuz he runs with 50cent cuz if banks wasn't with 50 he would do alot better. but i feel buck cuz he's not going anywhere with 50 but yo I think he'll only drop advrage songs banks will sell more than buck any day.

the units over, the units over

you all know with out Young Buck G unot ain't shit. he was the only one with real lyrics after game left! now what! 50 snitch is only going to drop that bubble gum rap, fagot diss ja rule and now he is using his style. who would ever think he was on the Ja rule nuts all this time. u got to give it to that fagot, he played everyone with those 9 shots that he suppose of took. 9 shots were fire only 3 hit him. how fake is that. why do you think he dose not rhyme about getting shot any more, cuz he milk the shit and now that people all ready found out about that bullshit he can't get paid of that. fuck all you fake ass rappper and all u nut rider that just go off on the shit that gets played on the radio.

good shit.

good shit.

Mfizzel theres still no

Mfizzel theres still no fuckin lil flip on here...

i def agree but 50 is a

i def agree but 50 is a smart business man on the new g-unit album under executive producers thers only one name 50 no buck no banks no yayo so banks and yayo aint makin no money off of it lol 50 got his name all over it lol no money for banks or yayo lol



umm but isnt buck still

umm but isnt buck still signed on the gunit label? wtf?

Nigga Please

For the moment he contract with G unit still stands even though he was supposelty drop. That just the way the industry works. I can fire you, and also make sure you don['t rapp for another major label for the duration of the contract, without me (50 Cent) gettng some money off of it. Think off it as a nba player who gets benched or suspented. They still are on that team, but can't do a damn thing.

Fuck 50 cent

All That nigga 50 trying to do is diss everybody trying to make himslf l00k g00d when really he just a snitch ass cry baby. Buck the real deal who protected dre at the awards who stabbed that other nigga wasn't 50 he acted like a pussy as he does all the time now 50's best album was get rich or die tryin back when he was hungry now he just lazy. Buck is the G in G-unit he still keeping it real with the streets meanwhile 50 fuckin lloyd banks and lloyd suckin off tony yayo and tony like spider loc ass crack 50 is garbage without buck and Game put it best stop snitchin and stop lying faggit ass nigga.

Young buck is nothing

Young buck is nothing without g-unit, lets see which album sells more young bucks new album whenever that comes out or the new g-unit album T.O.S. and the guy who wrote before me your a faget ass clown, who the fuck are you or anybody to say that 50 is a snitch. What do you got some invention that watches his every move your a faget ass who don't know shit. Yeah buck is really keeping it real for the streets, in his multi million dollar mansion, yeah thats really streets. No rapper is gangster and no rapper is streets, the all live in mansions not the hood, you faget ass nigga. your just a lil bitch who believes what game says, who only called 50 a snitch to further his career because he knows thats the only way he gonna get peoples attention is to go after 50 which makes him a bitch just like fat joe, he aint gonna do it with his music because thats trash. I wonder what game album sold more....oh yeah the one with 50 on it you lil bitch as nigga. you got no get off game's dick you fucking faget ass sayin 50 got lazy, even if 50 did get lazy on his new album that shit still sold more than games shit. Yeah buck did protect dre at the vma's but who gives a shit, he was most likely the only one who had a knife on him at the time, but thats nothing I would stab some one too if they tried to fuck with someone that is close to me, that doesn't me or him a gangster or streets.

50 cent has police that

50 cent has police that watch him, he records phone calls cant rap makes songs for 10 yr old girls ? and he steals a most respectd cracker dealrs name? ummm and he says he is gangsta? uhhhhhhhh im mystified... nuff said 50cent has a bunch of pussycat dolls over their.... ---wu tang --- WHO THE FUCK IS 50 CENT?

If U Dont Fcuk Wit Bcuk Then

If U Dont Fcuk Wit Bcuk Then Get U'rr Hate'n Azz Of His Shit! Hi Haterz....I Kno U Mad..Ha! Ha! Ha!

Y'all Hatin' Faggots

Learn to spell, ya faggot ass bitches

explain how g-unit are over

explain how g-unit are over 50 has a massive fan base wid yayo banks and rest of g-unit but was a bit shady to record a phone call and buck raped im on this track ere but 50 still got sales money and doesnt need buck

g-unit t.o.s showed they

g-unit t.o.s showed they good the game comes out wid l.a.x got some decent trax but t.o.s much better and they no boy band, young buck explain what he done i can ask any1 who he is and they say wtf u on about hes not know by most people, people wont notice hes even gone