50 Cent & DJ Drama - The Lost Tape

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01 - Get Busy Ft Kidd Kidd (Produced By 45 Music)
02 - Double Up - Tone Mason Ft Hayes (Produced By Tone Mason)
03 - Murder One Ft Eminem (Produced By Araab Muzik)
04 - Riot Remix Ft 2 Chainz (Produced By Dj Spinz)
05 - Oj Ft Kidd Kidd (Produced By Mike Will)
06 - I Aint Gonna Lie Ft Robbie Nova (Produced By G Sparkz)
07 - Complicated (Produced By Chris Teeb)
08 - You A Killercool (Produced By 8Track)
09 - Remain Calm Ft Snoop Dogg Precious Paris (Produced By Kon Hathaway)
10 - Cant Help Myself (Produced By Slimm Gemm)
11 - When I Pop The Trunk Ft Kidd Kidd (Produced By Illmind)
12 - Planet 50 Ft Jeremih (Produced By Swiff D)
13 - Swag Level (Produced By Dready)
14 - Lay Down (Smoked) Ft Ned The Wino (Produced By Jake Uno)
15 - All His Love (Produced By Illmind)

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like anyone gives a fuck about this clown anymore smh.... this tape should of stayed LOST lol
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I don 't use emoticons, I'm not 12

Maybach Music fan doesn't like 50, big suprise. Check the top 40 bro, 50 is still relevant and the tape is solid. You obviously didn't even download it and your joke was lame. Kick rocks. ~If it doesn't have to do with the music, it doesn't fuckin matter~
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lol damn

Hating on a man because your favorite rapper says so...that's crazy. I listened to mixtape. it was alright
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is your pussy hurt cause i dont fuck wit 50? Does this nigga pay you to defend him on the internet? Maybach Music fan... NOPE, Meek Milly fan... YES! I never liked 50 even when he was irrevelant, i dont fuck wit snitches or phony fake muthafuckas, this guy is commercial as fuck now making movies and shit, i mean yeah thats where the real gwap is at so fuck it stay over there! You wouldnt know "real music" if it smacked you in the face! D-BLOCK ALL DAY
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Your tears are delcious.

Read my signature, you think I give a fuck if you like 50 or not? Fags like you annoy me coming on here talking shit that just takes up space and makes hiphop fans look ignorant. People wanna know if the tape is good and why you think it is or not, not your personal opinion about an artist. If you said you downloaded the tape you'd be lying, and if you didn't download the tape, there's no reason for you to even comment. People like you make this site suck and drive people away from actually commenting on tapes, which helps us REAL music fans to gauge if to check someone out or pass them up. LOL, I don't know real music? You don't even know what music I listen to. Ignorant ass. Oh and last I checked D-Block fucked with 50. ~If it doesn't have to do with the music, it doesn't fuckin matter~
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Maybach Music fan... Mixtape 50 is back...

50 did fall off, but he back on that mixtape grind that brought attention to Em and Dre. this shit and the Big 10 are bringing 50 his old fans back. Why u hate cuz he rich? Cuz he a boss and Meek is a worker? I bet you my Ross and maybach make a movie bro. I bet my account on it. Check my stats. been a member since day 1. #FOH (@Humboldt_Jay)
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Its not a classic, but solid

Its not a classic, but solid offering, I fucks with 50 cent .
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Get out your feelings dog,

Get out your feelings dog, your a grown man
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Hate it or Love it!

The Dog's on top! Dat shit right there's true, even for me, so all ya'll tryna dog 50, get a real job, and I don't even fucks wit him like dat! That goes for any artist...unless they garbage... --DK Stnd UP!--

Not a huge 50 fan but this

Not a huge 50 fan but this was hot... best since get rich die tring or return or bodysnactchers

Lets Talk Bout

Out of all the new rappers out now. 50 is realer than all of em. Officer Ricky who stole the name from a drug king pin is fake as hell, but yall consider him real(smh). Who exposed him? 50 made his money faster than any rapper ever did thats y I fucks with 50