50 Cent - G-Unit Radio #22 INTRO TRACK

Dissin' EVERYONE...look out for G-Unit Radio #22

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Some of the smartest shit

Some of the smartest shit ever said on a G-Unit mixtape: CURTIS JACKSON KILLED HIP HOP! Not because of the beefs but because of the garbage he puts out. Definitely one of the best soundbytes ever, DJ's utilize this.

yezur but not dead

^^^^we still got mcs like talib and common and the hyphy movement but damn fa reels tho does anobdy miss them wen it wus tribe all day yadada i swear tho 50 is the reason why ppl misinterpret true hiphop im suprized dude still alive im not the type to wish death on nobodys but i kno there are those dat do.......
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C´mon man,

C´mon man, I miss all the pioneers too, but nowadayz you can kill anybody wit anything,... even a word! Big Up 2 Fif and G-Unit, damn datz 1 smart n...a!!!