P-Cutta - Street Wars #15 (Mania)

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P-Cutta always has the his ear to the streets, especially when it comes
to the battles and beef, and he drops the 15th edition of this major beef
mixtape series, which features all the latest beef from some of hip-hop's
heavyweights, including Sheek Louch vs. 50 Cent, Cam'ron vs. Jay-Z,
Mase vs. Loon/Fabolous/The Diplomats, Young Buck/Spider Loc/G-Unit
vs. The Game, Tony Yayo vs. Jadakiss, J.R. Writer vs. Memphis Bleek.

Group Team Mos

1 - Ryan Banks – SW 14.5 Intro
2 - Beanie Sigel feat. Jadakiss – Problem (produced by DJ Khaled)
3 - Cam’ron Speaks vs. Nas, Jay-Z
4 - Hell Rell feat. Cam’ron – Laughin At You (Dissin' Jay-Z, Bleek)
5 - 50 Cent feat. G-Unit – It Don’t Bother Me (Dissin' A lot of People)
6 - Fabolous feat. Paul Cain – Murda (Dissin' Mase)
7 - Styles P feat. Jadakiss – Shots Fired (Dissin' 50 Cent)
8 - 50 Cent Speaks vs. Game (Live In UK)
9 - Jadakiss Speaks vs. 50 Cent
10 - Jadakiss feat. Styles P – Sorry Ms. Jackson (Dissin' 50 Cent)
11 - 50 Cent – Not Rich and Still Lyin’ (Dissin' Game)
12 - The Game – All 4 Sale (Dissin' G-Unit)
13 - Young Buck feat. Spider Loc – Where I’m From (Dissin' Game)
14 - J.R. Writer – Suit Up (Dissin' Mase & G-Unit)
15 - Cam’ron – Gotta Love It (Dissin' Jay-Z)
16 - Cam’ron – Bad Boy Radio Interview (Dissin' Jay-Z)
17 - Sheek Louch – Heard Em Say (Dissin' 50 Cent)
18 - Tony Yayo – Got That Fire (Dissin' Jadakiss)
19 - Loon – Take It Easy (Dissin' Mase)
20 - Mase – 10 Years Of Hate (Dissin' Loon & Fabolous)
21 - J.R. Writer – Serious Business (Dissin' Memphis Bleek)
22 - Cam’ron & J.R. Writer Speaks vs. Jay-Z
23 - Jay-Z – I’m A Biter
24 - Cam’ron – Swagger Jacker
25 - Mullyman – Ready (Dissin' Bossman)
26 - Bossman – Homicide (Dissin' Mullyman)
27 - Ankh Amen Ra feat. Illinoise – Ya’ll Ain’t Gangsta (Dissin' The Industry)

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This Shit's'funny


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Back Problems!

I wouldn't want to be Cam in 10 years this man wears so much ice he's gonna have back problems, dammit, money is the root of all evil!
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Big fuken tape props mfizzel

Old shit

every single track on here is old news...worst street wars by far...cams and idiot, he better hope jay doesnt ever decide to respond...jr writer is a homo and cant say a damn thing to jay, EVER...everything else is good (even though its old)...i dunno man, i used to be a big dipset fan, these niggas are just dillusional and have one of the weakest rosters in rap as well as a boss who is a walkin contradiction and wanna be publicity stunt.
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Why isnt this shit working? It just says ......connecting........ Anyone have any ideas on how to make it work?


But I'm downloading them as I speak. I love diss tracks, so I feel I will enjoy this mixtape. DVD...something may be wrong with your shit. You might have to fix it. Everytime I download mixtapes and DVDs on here, I never have a problem. It should work for me..I'll see.


You're right! It just says "connecting". It won't connect for some reason. This is the very "first" time this has ever happened to me. I'll just continue to wait and see if it will ever connect and start downloading.


I waited for it to connect, and it took about 15 minutes for it to connect. Then after that, it downloaded quickly as hell. So all you gotta do is wait a short while, then it will start downloading.
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Ok cool. Thanks alot. i hope this tape is worth the wait.