The Game: The Black Wall Street Journal, Volume 1 OFFICIALLY Shipping Aug. 4th


Mixunit is officially shipping Games new tape August 4th.

With the release of "One Blood" the latest single from The Game, The Black Wall Street is
officially back open for business.

Back with his B.W.S. affiliates DJ Skee and Nu Jerzey Devil, Compton's new king is back on the
map and ready for the release of The Devil's Advocate. Easily the most-anticipated sophomore
debut since Kanye & 50, the bar has been set: Game sold 5 million of the first and Kanye and
50 have each run about 5 million of their 2nd albums.

With the West Coast's Chuck Taylor back in Black, he's also got his entire BWS team behind
him, including the newest signees Ya Boy, Juice, Clyde Carson & Cyssero. Also featuring
cameos from Mary J Blige, Akon, Snoop Dogg, Jayo Felony and others.



The Game Feat. Clyde Carson, Ya Boy, Juice, Phat Rat & Lil' Mo - We Out Here The Game Feat. - One Blood (It's Okay) The Game Feat. Ya Boy, Juice & Mary J. Blige - Be Eazy The Game Feat. Ya Boy & Juice - So High Juice Feat. The Game - Who Got The Juice Now Cyssero The Virus, Clyde Carson & Akon - Hustla The Game Feat. Jayo Felony - Back 2 Back Ya Boy - 100 Bars Of Crack The Game Feat. Clyde Carson & Snoop Dogg - Lights, Camera, Action Clyde Carson - 24's The Game Feat. Ya Boy - What's Beef Juice Interlude Juice Feat. The Game - Rollin' The Game Feat. Ya Boy & Juice - Hurricanes The Game Feat. Cyssero The Virus - I'm A Rider The Game Feat. Dubb & Clyde Carson - Hustla Music The Game Feat. Ya Boy, Jay Rock, K Dot, Juice & Dubb - The Cypha The Game Feat. Ya Boy & Cyssero The Virus - Fire In Ya Eyes The Game - My Turn

One Blood only from his new

One Blood only from his new album?

Hope this is good

His last one, "Face of L.A." was not that great so hopefully this is better.
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Should be good

His album should be good.