Cambatta - The Visionary (Hosted By DJ Nice & Legend)

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At a time when hip hop is gradually moving back to the lyrics ... Its story must
be foretold thru the voice of a lyrical visionary. The debut project from
Cambatta titled "The Visionary" (Mixtape) features :
Skyzoo, Torae, Reks, Nickelus F, and many more notable artists. Also not to
forget, production from Scram Jones, Dame Grease, DJ Nice, and a load of
original material fresh material from up and coming producers on the independent
scene. "The Visionary" will surely not disappoint as it brings back the essence
of a true hip hop project with an artist whose lyrical capability surpasses

Cambatta - "Man On Fire" [Prod By DJ Nice] from DJ Nice on Vimeo.

1. "The Visionary Intro"
Produced By D.K.

2. "Who Am I"
Produced By Boonie Mayfield

3. "Smooth Flight" Ft Torae
Produced By Soul Academy

4. "Man On Fire"
Produced By DJ Nice Of Crack City [Music Video]

5. "Something Serious" Ft Nickelus F
Produced By E7 Of Crack City

6. "Reasons" Ft Rain
Produced By Boonie Mayfield

7. Rain On Your Mind"
Produced By Guilty J

8. "Be Like"
Produced By Timeless

9. "Voice Of God"
Produced By Scram Jones

10. "Art Of Bars"
Produced By D.K.

11. "Black Boy Lost"
Produced By Eddie Deuce

12. "Do or Die" Ft Reks
Produced By Timeless

13. "Righteous Kill" Ft Hunt & Vic Damone Produced By Dame Grease

14. "Something You Can Feel" Ft Pat Swayze Produced By Congregation

15. "The One"
Produced By Crooked T

16. "Rapstar" Ft Sixx

17. "Nothing Can Stop Me"
Produced By Boonie Mayfield

18. "True Magic" Ft Skyzoo
Produced By Boonie Mayfield

19. "Dreams" Ft Fiona
Produced By Timeless

20. Talk To'Em
Produced By Timeless

21. "Depression"
Produced By J-Cuse

22. "Fly Ish"
Produced By D.K

23. "True Magic Remix" Ft Skyzoo
Produced By Hollis

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i gotta give this tape a

i gotta give this tape a chance after seein that tight video/song


Hello??? wake the fuck up! If you're sleeping on Cambatta you are missing the rise of the next great... Got flow like fire, got intelligence, got wit, got humour, got charisma and most importantly, he spits harder than anyone else right now, harder than anyone else in a long time. This shit just sounds real tight. A MUST download right here. True hip hop fans will love this shit im thinkin Peace
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I aint never heard of this dood b4, but hes str8 fukin fire yo for realllll!! Yu doods on here gotta DL this mixtape.. the mans comin up Gut it up, soft it up, roll it up
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Lyrics to Depression This IS DOPe!!

i think its easier to die cause there aint nothin keepin me alive im hungry and im searchin for the pieces of the pie my head is up but all that i am seein is the sky the sky is the limit cuz it aint feaseable to fly and the only way i think im gon' reach it is to die unless all that heaven shit that they preachin is a lie an' i think it is a lie but im hopin' that its not an' ill know when i swallow all of the mulltrin in this box they say that im the best and supposedly im hot im the closest to the top and too explosive not to pop if this is so then why am i still posted on this block with this toaster and these rocks tryna' focus on this gwop i cant do it im sick of all this repetition i dont even know the reason for this deposition maybe i just gotta learn from the lessons given cuz ill admitt i havent really made the best decisions starvin' myself and eatin out the devils kitchen yea im free but my mind is more or less a prison im a victim of the circumstance lyin to myself and now im livin in the burnin pants with no desire to extinguish it im burnin in my sorrow and i care not to relinquish it its like the only time i see is when i close my eyes dreamin is the only way to keep me from these hopeless cries and ive been thinking bout realsin what i hold inside my bodys getting so full of stress i might explode or die if only i could cooinside with time i would take a couple seconds to redefine my mind im meanin id seperate the lies from the truth and all this fuckin pain in my life is the proof im standin on the ledge ima fly off the roof with the pen im commitin suicide in the booth i cant even look ma loved ones in the face cause i dont love myself and im feelin outta place my fingers on the trigger and i really wanna shoot with the pen im commitin suicide in the booth and i aint fuckin with no 9 to 5 if god put me on this planet to work then why am i alive? am high and dry tryna grind but if i decide to put the rhymin aside and die would you even cry? would you even try to take the time to look at it through the eyes of a victim like you see inside like was it suicide? or was her murdered by societie's depiction on whats right in they stupid minds? or would you biggie and pac the case throw away my files just to free up some locker space outta 6 billion people i dont even matter and even worse my life dream is to be a rapper if you dont see it now you gon' see it after people dont see the truth until they see disaster if you dont see it now you gon' see it after people dont see the truth until they see disaster i would seperate the lies from the truth and all this fuckin pain in my life is the proof im standin on the ledge ima fly off the roof with the pen im commitin suicide in the booth i cant even look ma loved ones in the face cause i dont love myself and im feelin outta place my fingers on the trigger and i really wanna shoot with the pen im commitin suicide in the booth

For an independent artist

For an independent artist this is a really dope mixtape. Definitely worth the download. He's got the skills. I just hope he can step his hook writing and beats up enough to drop a classic album whenever he comes out.
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how in the fuck did i miss this album?! long review..

With 23 tracks, I did think a few tracks were just average. Be Like, Black Boy Lost, Righteous Kill, Something You Can Feel, and Rapstar were all solid, but when compared to The Visionary (Intro), Smooth flight, Man On Fire, Dreams, Talk To Em, Depression, Fly Ish which are my fav, fell short and were skippable. 18/23 of above average tracks is amazing in the mixtape game today and is a testament to the hard work put into this thing......Honestly, its just banger after banger and there are too many dope tracks to mention. "Do or Die," "True Magic," and "Talk To Em" were some you need to check for yourself...Overall, this tape was as complete of a project one can ask for from a debut tape...I've listened to a lot of great mixtapes from the underground's best..It is very hard to believe that Cam has only been taking this seriously since mid-2008, because he has the wordplay, and lyrics of a vet (he could changeup his flow a bit more tho)........The two tracks that truly took this tape to another level and in my opinion were the crowning jewels were “Dreams” and “Depression.” There's something said for an artist that isn't afraid to reveal his insecurities, regrets, and aspirations to the listener...what really separates a regular mixtape kat from an artist who has the potential to craft a complete album is the ability to make those introspective songs that give you a sneak peak into the fragile parts of the mind.... Cambatta not only held his own, but in my opinion upstaged most the guests on this tape, which included some underground heavyweights (Rain, Skyzoo, Torae). Its not a knock on them either, because they all brought heat. Cambatta just seemed to have more hunger and passion behind his rhymes, you know............Lastly, in contrast to most mixtape covers, Cambatta sports a white tee, jeans, and a hoody; just keeping it simple. He's confident with himself and his skills and is only concerned with bringing it back to the basics of hip hop. “I ain't got a chain or a pair of white shades, all I got is my brain and an EP, I ain't gotta be a fly to be fly b*tch, my kicks never determined the fans I get.” This song is also an exercise in lyricism mixing knowledge with dope punchlines. “What's the point of flossin' with a mouth full of cavities.” This is the type of song that an average rapper could not pull off, but Cam succeeds and just ends the tape with a bang......You only have once chance to introduce yourself to the world and Cambatta did it for me.......Sorry for the long post, just popped a couple vikes!!!
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quit updating this stupid dumb boring comment iz fucking annoyin dawg!! put the pipe down already n go to sleep you dont even meke sense?? -gaygaygemini iz my bitch!-
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DL This

This shit is dope, but it's been out for a while. If you don't have it, it's worth downloading for sure! I'm So KY

Def. gonna have to give this

Def. gonna have to give this one a spin after hearin man on fire and oxymoron. This guy does lyrical backflips, it's some hot shit
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cant believe i didn't catch this guy

wow sick lyrics nice beats well rounded MC
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It's In His Voice

I had never heard of this dude either but after listening 2 this I'm glad I did. U can hear the hip hop & hunger in his voice. Dudes spits like he really wants u 2 feel his passion 4 the music. It's a damn shame that artists like this will never sell in the mainstream because all that's promoted is bullshit. It's up 2 people like us 2 spread the message. Thanx 2 preferredsmoker 4 puttin' me on. Peace ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...