Dirty Harry - The Warriors

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Dirty Harry brings you this special Warriors edition mixtape as the
mixtape legend makes a return to the mixtape circuit for the first time
since he dropped Nas: Living Legends. Getting down with those Harry
remixes he's famous for, this mix features blends w/ Biggie & Big L,
Jay-Z, Game, Jeezy w/ T.I./Flip/Wayne, Dipset, 50 Cent, 2pac, Nas.

1 - Warriors Intro
2 - Jay- Z/Nas - I Don't Know
3 - Young Jeezy, T.I, Young Buck, Lil' Flip & Lil' Wayne - Warriors Rap Figures I (Dirty Harry mix)
4 - The Game - Grillz Mix (Dirty Harry mix)
5 - Mobb Deep/50 Cent (Gangsta Snoop Mix)
6 - Nas – Nasdaq Season Begins 2006
7 - Young Jeezy/Tupac/Akon - Can U Believe It (Dirty Harry mix)
8 - Notorious B.I.G./Big L/Lloyd Banks - Something Bigger (Dirty Harry mix)
9 - Fat Joe/Big Pun/Freeway - Get Your Grind On (Dirty Harry mix)
10 - Jay-Z Verse (Queens Logic Harry Mix)
11 - 50 Cent - Simple Ain't It (Dopeman Harry Mix)
12 - Lloyd Banks, M.O.P., Beanie Sigel, Sheek & Jadakiss - Warriors Rap Figures II
13 - 2Pac/DMX - Crack Music (Dirty Harry mix)
14 - The Game feat. Paul Wall – Serial Killer Mix (Dirty Harry mix)
15 - Lil' Kim - Spell Check (Notorious Mix)
16 - Nas feat. Papoose & Blitz – Across The Tracks
17 - Kanye West feat. Dramills - Heard 'Em Say (Dirty Harry mix)
18 - Young Jeezy, T.I., Bun B., Scarface & Slim Thug - Warriors Rap Figures III (Dirty Harry mix)
19 - Lloyd Banks - You're a Customer (Neptunes Mix)
20 - Fabolous – Break You Off (Ready Mix)
21 - Kanye West feat. Papoose - Hey Mama (produced by Dirty Harry)
22 - When I'm Gone Vs. Cry Little Sister (Harry Mash Up)
23 - T.I. - Ride With Me (Murder Murder Mix)
24 - Juelz Santana - Can U Count Suckers (Dirty Harry mix)
25 - Cam'ron - Do Your Thing (Boogie Down Mix)
26 - Lloyd Banks, Camron, The Game & Fat Joe - Warriors Rap Figures III (Dirty Harry mix)
27 - Jadakiss & Sheek Louch - This Way (Dirty Harry mix)
28 - Snoop Dogg - Gangsta & Thugs (Dirty Harry mix)
29 - Krucial – Take The Hood Back (produced by Kerry Krucial Brothers)
30 - Styles P./Ghostface - Can It Be So Simple (Throwback Mix)
31 - Nas feat. Killah Priest - The Saints (produced by Dirty Harry)
32 - Cam'ron - Oh Yes/Mr.Postman (Dirty Harry mix)
33 - Bless Outro

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Take Notes

all you mix tape DJ's take notes. stop putting those garbage throw away tracks on mix's and screamin about how you a leader in the game. Show some skills, be original. Can't none of you come close to Dirty Harry.
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Can someone reseed this bad boy?

Sorry guys, but I'm out visiting Hong Kong for a couple months and heard the hype on this mixtape. I'm dying to here this bad boy, so if any of you cats can hook it up, it'd be appreciated.
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Good looks on the seed. This

Good looks on the seed. This album is straight fire....


Yes ANother Dirty HArry Mix i havent heard one bad one by him yet he is what got me into mixtapes , im excited to hear this one thnka you to whoever put this out !

another amazing mixtape by

another amazing mixtape by Dirty Harry some tracks that I think are straight FIRE : 10 w/ Jay-Z laying a verse over the Scarface theme - damn! 4 w/ the Game on JD's new "Grillz" beat 2 - "I don't know officer" beat - Jay on the hook, Nas spitting this is just after a quick listen
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Do Remember... Dirty Harry

Do Remember... Dirty Harry is from Dirty Jerzee!!!! -melQuan "There Ain't Nuffin' Like Hip-Hop Music!"


this mixtape is fuckin crazy. its the best blend cd ive heard in a while. big ups to dirty harry on this one. youre stupid if you dont get this.

Sorry wrong answer....

Yo, just to let ya'll know Dirty Harry is not from Jersey, although I wish he was. He's from Queens and he's is at the top of my list as far as blend D.J.'s go. Been a fan of his for years and I know I got shit from him that none of ya'll ever heard.

post it then

post that shit that none of us heard. you braggin bitch

Please don't hurt me Mr. Tough Guy

Yo, you watch too much BET and you probably recorded Beef I, II, & III off of BET tryin' to diss mu'fuckaz online... faggot ass nigga, get out of here, go kick a freestyle or something.

yo man.....this mixtape is

yo man.....this mixtape is fire, i aint heard much of Dirty Harry bein AUSTRALIA 'n' all.... so if you got shit of his we aint got, can you put it up 2 help his name get to the land of OZ!!!!!! braydead peace!

No Doubt

True, I'll try to upload some shit but first I have to transfer them from cassette to MP3 and second I don't see a link here for me to upload anything. But to hold you down peep this link http://www.mixunit.com/dirtyharry.html Don't worry about the price, his mixes are always worth it...Fact!

cheers 4 the link bra!!! he

cheers 4 the link bra!!! he a busy man, ima go d/load that nas on now i know i seen that 1 here peace!!
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This Shit Iz Fire

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now this is a dj

this is what the hell i am talking about. its an actual dj and not someone who just says their name over and over again. CLUE!!!!
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Five Alarm Fire on here, get the pot holders out!

This is that heat just like I thought it would be. Get this joint because you will be playing it for a long time. I should be able to push this until the spring thaw.

Fire in the hole..

Yo this one is hot..anybody checked out his Dusk Til Dawn joint..Still tryin to get my hands on that one.