DJ Burn One & Gorilla Zoe - The Connect

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01 - Intro - Time To Get Paid
02 - Throwed Off
03 - Today Was A Good Day
04 - Serious
05 - Gangsta Talk
06 - High
07 - Loud Pack
08 - Gangsta
09 - My Pimpen
10 - With Out You
11 - Show You Where To Go
12 - School You
13 - We Plugged We Connected
14 - You Dont Want It
15 - Dee Boyz

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Gorilla Noe

Damn how many of these do they really have to put on here??? Everytime I check in to see whats new this is it we getting. Damn enough already!

da truth

they better off putting old ass NWA or KRS-ONE albums up here
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mfizzel must of got paid good cause only a fool would flood this site with all this garbage........ TRILL TAWK!

28 mixtapes

in 28 days fuck.....
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mfizzel said hes doin 28

mfizzel said hes doin 28 tapes in 28 days. so yh sir you cant expect top quality in every track or tape but shit, zoes puttin in work huh...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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The Army is for losers.

The Army is for losers.
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of his shit. He don't have that much good music. Maybe a track here and there but not enuf to put a new tape a day

damn is zoe wats hot for da

damn is zoe wats hot for da new year or sumtin. i fucks wit zoe tho but wats good wit a dj drama zoe mixtape. lets get it darealsteve-o
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I love Gorilla Zoe, so the

I love Gorilla Zoe, so the recent flood of all these mixtapes he's been doing doesn't bother me but I understand where ya'll niggas coming from. Each of these tapes literally has like 3-4 hot tracks and the rest is skippable.
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Zoe is on the path

Looks like Zoe is on the path to ruin every mixtape site out there, i see he's advertising DatPiff on this mixtape and it's posted on Mixtapetorrent, thats some mad advertising for one site.
If i was Mizzle, i would have did what Datpiff did and only agree to post his tapes if he put my site name on at least 2 of his 28 mixtapes.. This site is as big and as recognized as Datpiff, and most people prefer to come here because it's less conjested and the fact that no one can control your post whether they'll show or not, they have like 1 person with 10 accounts on that site burying anybody comments that disagree with the artist they support..
I see what Zoe is trying to do, it's some out of the box thing, but i think he's also doing more harm than good to his career, it shows you how much quality he puts into his material that he's able to just throw bullshit out on a tape every other day to make his 28th mixtape, and then it's even worse people are startin to send him backlash even his fans for floodin the mixtape market with tapes thats about as good as a Ninja Turtles sing along cd.
      [- Lets rename it the Fleur De Lombardi -]
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this not zoe who them niggas but mixtapes gone be junk putn out one or two a day im still gone support my nigga zoe BLOCK ENT. hahah
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0 for 11

and countin...