DJ Killa K, G-Boi & Toe Down - Trap Certified (Dopeboy Muzik Special Edition)

| | | In Association With The Dopeboy Movement Present - DJ Killa K, G-Boi & Toe Down - Trap Certified (Dopeboy Muzik Special Edition) and the creator of the critically accalimed mixtape series Dopeboy Muzik, DJ Killa K, have partnered up to bring you the brand new Trap Certified series, promosing to bring you the trap's BEST KEPT SECERTS!

First up is G-Boi and Toe Down hailing from the streets of Palm Beach County, FL.

Co-signed by Terror Squad and backed by Florida's next super producer, SHIFE, who recently produced Trick Daddy's new single and Ace Hood's "Loco Wit The Cash", G-Boi and Toe Down are currently killing the streets!

With features from Webbie, BloodRaw, Pappa Duck, Triple J, Clete, and exclusive production from SHIFE, this is that classic Dopeboy Muzik! Cop this now! The whole Double E Family is next in line! Hit the break for the track list and more info on this project.

1. G Boi Intro
2. Drug Dealer Muzik - G-Boi Ft Shife ,Triple J
3. Toe Down Speaks (Reppin That 561!!)
4. Put Your Stacks Up - Toe Down Ft Webbie
5. Dats A Hard Hustle - G-Boi
6. G-Boi Speaks - (I Been Gettin Money Interlude)
7. I Can Getcha Right - G-Boi Ft Clete
8. How A Real Nigga Think - Toe Down
9. Papa Duck Checks In
10. Don Dada - G-Boi Ft Papa Duck ,Toe Down
11. Papa Duck Speaks.....(Ya Betta Respect It Interlude)
12. Shittin On Em - Toe Down Ft Clete
13. Birdz Guy - G-Boi Ft Toe Down
14. Toe Down Speaks (Terror Squad In Palm Beach Interlude)
15. Cup Cakes - Fat Joe Ft Benisour (Prod By Shife)
16. Paper Chase - G-Boi Ft Blood Raw ,K.A.I.N.O
17. Toe Down Speaks (How We Strecth The Yay Interlude)
18. Angel - Toe Down
19. Trigger Happy - Toe Down Ft Jay Rock ,Real Estate
20. G - Boi Speaks - (Terror Squad Is The Family Interlude)
21. Beat That Pussy Down -G-Boi
22. Fuck For Da Money - Toe Down
23. Ridin - Gboi Ft Cook Em Up
24. Im On Dat - Toe Down Ft Papa Duck , G-Boi
25. Runnin Off - G-Boi Ft K.A.I.N.O , Triple J
26. Toe Down Outro

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i downloaded gave a listen, nothign really special. has that generic trap beats and hooks. i could be wrong, give a listen tell me if im right.

Nah dude, you right. Generic

Nah dude, you right. Generic bullsh*t. Pretty wack to my tastes...

Dont Hate Congratulate

I fuks wit this mixtape. Killa K always put out some hott shit. now that he doin artist projects its only gon get more serious.


Lame.. Everybody tryin to mimic Gucci, Jeezy etc now.. Just gone be another misplaced mixtape in many CD cases.
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mann all these niggas do is

mann all these niggas do is get on and hate......palm beach stand up miyayo stand up the whole florida stand up!!!!!! ill bet they jump on ur dick after u have a video ON MTV...bandwagonm ass niggas!!! I REMEMBER WHEN JEEZY RAPPED TO SLOW...SAID HIS LYRICS WERE TRASH ...NOW THEM SAME NIGGAS ON HIS DICK.... I SALUTE NIGGAS OUTTHER TYRYNA DO THEY THANG ...NOT FUKIN NIGGAS WHO HIDE BEHIND THE CPU AND HATE.... PALM BEACH COUNTY STAND UP COUNTY.... WE GOT NEXT!!!!!FUK WIT US OR GET FUCKED OVER!

This tape is fiya, these

This tape is fiya, these boys can spit! all the beats is on point!

Panama City rockin witcha

I heard these niggas jus signed to fat joe. i can dig it. i always find killa k shit on limewire he hold it down for the whole fla. 850 IN THA BUILDING
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PC huh?

What part of town you in? LH all day
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It's decent

I can bump this, i like they style, production is real good too so if you don't like the artist you can appreciate the beats. If i was ya'll i'd give this one a good look at, might be the next upcoming to take over 'at least for a min". [N.O. Saint #1 in 09 ]

da hatin

man ant nothin like dis real nigga's love it dat's real

561 BABY!!!

Yo this is wat im talkin bout, my niggas Toe Down and G boi holdin it down for da 56ACE...that down south F.L.A shit feel me..
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THATS WHATS UP!!! good look here they sound better than them other two the streets buzzN about.

561 stand up palm beach

561 stand up palm beach county ,downtown, lake worth, rawvera, kirk road