DJ Kool Kid - Scent Of A Woman R&B

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01.scent of a woman intro- razah in love with you (remix)- razah feat prodigy
03.reminise- dusty feat jadakiss lloyd feat lilwayne
05.checkin me- bobby valentino
06.get money- razah
07.that girl- pharrell feat snoop dogg
08.bout it- 3lw feat young joc
09.long way to go- cassie
10.turn it up- paris hilton
11.interlude- razah
12.back up off me- razah you out- cassie feat young joc on me (remix)- janet jackson feat nelly
15.never be me- bella feat rick ross
16.interlude- razah
17.we ridin- razah feat juvenile & bun b
18.sideline ho- monica
19.don't go to o slow- cassie
20.interlude- razah the day- christina aguilera
22.thinkin bout you- jonessa
23.fresh and sexy- rhea
24.thankyou- paula campbell

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O boy

Ur the man G i got sum tunes finally 4 sum of my gyal
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i've been away for a while...but what happened to the pictures by everyone's names?


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do i just not see them? i

do i just not see them? i even tried to upload a new one..? this is what i get The directory files/pictures is not writable. File copy failed: no directory configured, or it could not be accessed. Failed to upload the picture image; the pictures directory doesn't exist.