DJ Moe Sticky - Jim Jones: Jimmy Blanco

DJ Moe Sticky (official DJ of The Diplomats) is joined by Dipset fam
Shiest Bub "Parker" of the Purple City gang as this duo brings you a
mixtape tribute to Dipset's G'd up businessman Jim Jones aka. Jimmy
Blanco. This mixtape features nothing but classics from Sizzurp-sippin'
Jimmy, including Harlem classics, freestyles, remixes and rare tracks.

1 - 'Bout It (Intro)
2 - Interview
3 - Freestyle
4 - Ball Out (remix)
5 - Gun Go (remix)
6 - Trap Nigga feat. Shiest Bubz & Un Kasa
7 - What's Really Good
8 - Crunk Muzik
9 - Purple City Byrd Gang
10 - Problem
11 - What Is Gangsta feat. Juelz
12 - Harlem
13 - Lovely Daze
14 - Whatever feat. Lil' Wayne & Juelz
15 - Certified Gangsta
16 - No Drama feat. Trey Songz
17 - Confront Ya Babe feat. Max B
18 - Let's Ride feat. J.R. Writer
19 - Bang For Byrdgang feat. Max B
20 - Summer In Miami feat. Trey Songz
21 - Honey Dip feat. Juelz & J.R. Writer
22 - In Love
23 - What You Drinkin' On
24 - Get Money feat. Jeezy & Juelz
25 - Round Here feat. Game
26 - This Is That feat. Juelz & Game
27 - Byrdgang feat. Max B
28 - Tupac Joint
29 - So Fly (remix) feat. Jha Jha & Max B
30 - Our Shit feat. Max B



Jim Jones sucks to me. I'm not feeling him nor the rest of Dipset. I'm not hating on them, but I'm just keeping it real. I'm just not feeling them. Now talk shit all you want for those of you who are gonna do it, because regardless of what you say, my opinion is not gonna change.
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Good shyt...

propz goodpost "The Hustler's Prayer" If the game shakes me or breaks me, I hope it makes me, a better man, to take a better stand, put money in my mom's hands, get my daughter this college plan, so she don't need no man R.I.P. Biggie

don't need to download

don't need to even download and i know its gonna be shit jim jones has no talent nothing the most untalented cat in the whole industry the dip is fine but signin this cat makes no sense at all
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would be cool if it was

would be cool if it was individuaal tracks, its all one trk 1 so its sucks...........BETTABELIZEIT....LEGACY ENT. WE RUN AZ
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U run az?

jim is a trash maybe a

jim is a trash maybe a couple track hes alright bc of the beat and to Dj Eazy Dick jim got sign bc he was the ceo before he rapped and then i guess he was like if this niggas can make paper off this then i can that how alot of clown get in the game think they can rap

I love this

I love this mixtape....thankz b