DJ Premier - Crooklyn Cuts #4

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DJ Mars: Todays mixtape blast off comes from one of my favorite dj's ever,DJ
PREMIER. Yeah,Primo from read it right. In addition to all the
ill beats Primo has cooked up over the years,he has a dope mixtape collection as
well. Today we dig into CROOKLYN CUTS 4. This is Brooklyn we go hard shit all
day,this is Timbs and Blunts on Broadway type shit. Don't worry yall the
interview with Primo is in the works,and the I'm sure he is going to give more
than his 2 cents worth in regards to the current mixtape game. Download now and
thank me later.



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Recognize The Real

Classic material. DJ Premier the Essense of Hip Hop one of the top five greastest producers in Hip Hop history...also one of my top five favorite DJ's. Definete a collectors edition.
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Bring it back...

Thank you for this. This makes me appreciate the art of djn and especially Hip Hop greatly. One of my all-time favorite Djs as well.
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THE greatest producer in the

THE greatest producer in the history of hip hop. Thanks for this...I already have this along with Premo's other mixtapes he's done throughout the years (all of which are highly recommended) but this one in particular is one of the top 3.

Whats the name of the first

Whats the name of the first track on side A???
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Any possible way to get the

Any possible way to get the tracklist ? Any1 knows which sample is used on the B side from 2'40... ? many ThanX PiX