DJ Self - Canibus Vs DMX


"Well this week we feature the "Prince of New York,Dj Self". Today Self is more
of a party dj than mixtape dj, but for those of you who knew Self from day
one...really know what time it is. A classic example of his best of series,we
have Canibus vs. Dmx. In the 90's they had Ny street hip hop in a choke hold. A
real dj,Self used to come through with the illest mixtapes. As ai say every
week,download now and thank me later."

-DJ Mars |

Side A
Side B

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this tape is soo damn dope.

this tape is soo damn dope. i remember i dubbed it off someone back in middle school and made by own tape jacket from MS Word to fit right inside of the cassette case. fuckin crazy, i hope i still got it somewhere.