DJ Whiteowl Presents Drake - Welcome 2 The Future

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01. I Want This Forever (Official Remix)(Feat. Lil Wayne, Eminem, And Kanye West)
02. Get Off That (Feat. Jay-Z)(Prod. By Timbaland)
03. I Got Money (Feat. Lil Wayne)
04. Throw It In The Bag (Official Remix)(Feat. Fabolous)
05. This Is What I Do (Feat. Belly)
06. The Juiceman
07. We Good (Overdose)
08. Right Now (Goodnight)
09. Incarcerated
10. Freestyle
11. I Can Take Your Girl (Remix)(Feat. Lil Wayne And Nutt Da Kid)
12. Brand New (Feat. Lil Wayne)
13. Congrats (Feat. Lil Wayne)
14. Slow It Down
15. Girl Let Me
16. The Best I Ever Had (Feat. Swizz Beatz)(Ted Smooth Remix)
17. You Dont Know Me (Feat. 9th Wonder)
18. Amazing Love (Rebirth Remix)(Feat. Lil Wayne)
19. Digital Girl Pt. 2 (Feat. Jamie Foxx And Kanye West)
20. Im Goin In Pt. 2 (Feat. Lil Wayne And Young Jeezy)
21. Im The Winner
22. I Gets Crazy (Nicki Minaj And Lil Wayne)(Young Money Bonus Track)

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Man i been waitin 4 a new

Man i been waitin 4 a new white owl tape 4 a while & dis da shit i get?
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dis nigga look like a faggot. ol trimmed eyebrows havin ass nigga and shit dis dude def sucked a dick befo
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yo bruh is that yo bf? u seem reallly touchy maybe u gay LOL


Awwww to bad you niggas got yo panties in a bunch I straight (LOL) tha fuck out at you weak pathetic niggas.. step yo game up!

Word is...

Drake and Wayne are getting married in Cali. Birdman gonna be best man lol.
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Im glad Im not the only one that sees this shit is gay.I thought I just might be gettin old or something,there no way you can feel like a grown man ridin around to this singin ass teeny bopper shit.I some cats got the nerve to stand up for this per-scribed radio ass hip hop....Anyways another shitty mixtape weekend
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yo is it true dj white owl

yo is it true dj white owl is a white boy? i saw a myspace for a "dj white owl" and its some fat white boy, you tellin me this fat white boy is the actuall dj white owl?!
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Yes DJ white owl is a white

Yes DJ white owl is a white boy, he is from new york and has been a DJ since the late 1980's, i know that may be a hard pill to swallow being as that most of the people on this website can't stand us "crackaz". So people how does it feel that one of the people who you look forward to getting your music from weekly is a "cracka"? Oh wait let me guess you guys are not going to fuck with him no more bc of his skin color. Now he's a bitch, snitch, pussy, punk, wigger, fake, etc. right? It shouldn't matter if his skin was blue, if you feelin' his shit, then you feelin' it. Eminem is white and regardless of how hard he spits most of you will still never give him the credit he deserves bc of his skin color. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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whiteowl is a throwed off whiteboy. so iz eminem. But you my man, your'e a muthafuccin joke!! wtf do you do besides "bangin" a black set. punk azz gangzta diciple wana be. Niggaz would tear your azz up in heartbeat! i doubt any blk gang would pick your goofy azz up. Niggaz would lough at them sayin shit like... "hahahaha this nigga got whiteboys runnin with him hahaha!!!" ...embarrassing. If you really iz a GD, it must be a lil bullshit set ya runnin upthere. $40-0-0-25$
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Do you even know what i had

Do you even know what i had to go through to get in? The answer to that would be no you don't. My OG is black and so are a lot of other guys in my set mexicans and whites too, and when you get jumped in by 6-10 people and you can take a beating anybody will respect you regardless of color, they won't take a pussy like you though who as soon as he gets popped one good time you gonna be on the ground crying like a little bitch, i can fight folk i didn't really ever want to join a gang, but they recruited me bc of my reputation for fighting people, you don't know shit about earning your stripes, try holding a 6 point star sign above your head while getting punched and see if you can hold it together while that is going on, it's a waste of time to explain myself to any of you bc you will think what you want in the end anyways. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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is pathetic

how your bitch azz explains shit over the internet to ppl you dont know. if you were real and you know u iz, you wouldnt be wastin your time with me. you aint no folk! you werent jumped in! YOU WERE FUCKED IN!!! you lil bitch! weak muthafucca. how weak you gotta be to let a nigga like me make you mad? man get the fuck outta hea with that goofy shit!! leave the set where is at, on the street! i told you what im reppin but not once here for everybody to see have u noticed? ...your so call "OG" should would woop your azz for talkin about the set on the internet homebo! real niggaz would put a hit on your goofy azz! but of course all that shit u say is imaginary so dont even worry about it. $40-0-0-25$
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You never make me mad or get

You never make me mad or get to me though screw i laugh at it just like you, i reply once or twice just to get my side of the story out there, but i don't argue with you all day like chop76 does. It's called enlightenment and some people need it, and maybe you are more real than i thought you know, you seem like you might have a little common sense once you put all of that bullshit you be doing to the side, you are right the set is on the street and i should leave it there bc obviously people are going to doubt me and you anyways so what does it matter explaining ourselves and trying to prove shit. Thank you for saying that, you really made me start thinking about what it is i am doing. Imaginary na, it's my real life believe it or not i don't care. It ain't like we ever going to meet face to face right? So who knows who is capable of what at the end of the day. But thanks for that post screw real talk that was some of the realest shit you ever said. I might actually have a little respect for you now. I am publicly squashing all my beef with screw, i extend my hand to him, he can shake and squash or continue to bash me either way i don't care. I am tired of this cyberspace bullshit anybody got a problem see me on the streets of VA. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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You really need to quit

You really need to quit embarassing the whole white race like your doing with your posts, all Ive ever tried to do is prove that white folks can grow up in the hood, and listen to rap and still keep it real with there selves but you're making the shit real hard. Ill tell you a story that might help you out, I ran with about 15 people that I grew up with, we wasnt a gang but everybody called us one, Ive done shit that I'll never tell anybody cause Im not proud of the shit and cause I never got caught on 98% of it so why dry snitch on my self. So somewhere around 22 years of age I had enough sence to relize that I needed to worry bout my self and where Im going to be later in life, I had started doing electric work when i was 19, they fucked with me cause I had a real job but I never have cared what someone thought bout me. So me and only 1 of my friends that I had known my whole life moved to the other side of town and I put all my drive to be the best that I got from the streets to my job, and now Im almost 33 and Im one of the most respected electricains at my shop and one of the youngest head electricains. And you know where the other 13 guys I grew up with are today?? 2 are dead, 3 are in prison for years to come, and the rest are uneployed junkies and still in the same place doing the same shit they were 10 years ago. So where do you think you will be in your lil gang in 10 years?? You better start worrying bout yourself and where your going to be in 10 years cause a gang isnt a career, unless your plan on eattin prision food in your golden years
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See PM in your INBOX

Please see the PM in your INBOX Chop76 and from there maybe you can help and understand me a little better.
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Never got your PM

Never got your PM
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Never really liked him

And i always knew he was white, i don't care what skin color he is, his shit was just never put together that well for me (other than the leaks he'd drop), i think he had 2 Mixtapes worth bumpin since i discovered him in 99.
But White Owl is famous for his "Early Leaked Tracks and his ability to get sources to leak those tracks, when he don't have new tracks he pretty much release shit like this to fill the time and keep his name out there, he aint had a leaked tape come out in almost a year now so he's probably stressin now
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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im still gonna cop his

im still gonna cop his mixtapes, its just a suprise hes a goofy looking white boy that seems to be that hottes dj out right now droppin the most mixtapes, kind of like the kayslay of the early 2000's, but anyway there is still some prejudice, i aint gonna lie, even with eminem, i mean yeh hes nice and all but still, i dont ever cop eminem music or nothing liek that, if my boy plays a song from him that i like, then i might burn it and what not, but hey, thats life, there is prejudice and racisms everywhere

This isht aight if u fuck

This isht aight if u fuck with drake ..this nigg drake killed the game for a sec..he gone be around because of the rnb isht he do,and lets face it some time u don't want to ride to the typical rnb..thats y nigg's f'k with Devin,Z-ro,Big moe, chalie boy and now mf's should be happy this nigg came u nigg's dont have to look so pus*y whip when u with ur girl on a sat. night..this nigg rnb aint ur typical luva dubby type isht ,but he gets bubble gumish at time but bruh still solid!!! to u cats talking about dj's this and that man this shit aint got nothing to do with dj' its more about track list and covers with 80% of these m'fs ...u want to see some dj's dj vlad, green lattern, dirty harry,etc....and them old school cats like grand master flash with all the mixing,chopping, looping etc...thats art homie..thats a dj..anybody can do a mix tape..cant forget screw..