DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 44

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01.Lil Wayne - Freestyle
02.Lil Wayne - Once A Thug
03.Lil Wayne - U Got A Problem (Sneak Preview)
04.Lil Wayne - Fallout
05.Busta Rhymes Ft Dj Khaled & T.Pain - Blown (Hot !!!)
06.Cassidy - Freestyle
07.Lil Wayne - Eastside Gangsta
08.Lil Wayne - The 1 Supplier
09.Lil Wayne & Glasses Malone - This Is What We Need
10.Styles P & Pete Rock - Handle The Bizness.
11.Jadakiss - Feeel The Pain
12.Jadakiss & Lil Wayne - Death Wish
13.Interlude - Max B Diss
14.Jr Writer - Maxipad (Dissin Max B)
15.Max B - Freestyle (Dissin Hell Rell)
16.Max B Ft Charles Hamilton - The North Pole (Hot !!!)
17.M.O.P Ft Termanology & Statik Selektah - 1982
18.The Clipse Ft Swizz Beats - Louie Rag Freeestyle
19.Interlude - Say It Again
20.Two Five - What Can I Say
21.Young Chris - Im Good
22.Freeway - Look Around
23.Lil Wayne Ft Ben Jacobs - No Competition
24.Shaft Da Bone - Pound's & O's
25.Shaft Da Bone - That
26.The Clipse - Freestyle
27.Kanye West Ft Dream & Jamie Foxx - Digital Girl (4 The Ladies)
28.Kanye West - Welcome To Heartbreak
29.Ludacris -Start Button
30.Lil Wayne - Exclusive
31.Lil Wayne - Freestyle

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"Being Broke Is A Joke.... And Ima Die Laughin"


are you rich or somthing? give it a rest fruit cake
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well well

It all depends on what you consider rich my man??? Im not a millionaire and thats my defination of "rich", to me you have to be a millionaire to be "rich", i guess everyone has there own defination of that? My bank account is in 6 digits put it like that, im very straight, but i dont consider myself "rich", maybe one day? So there you have it! "Being Broke Is A Joke.... And Ima Die Laughin"

I think he means he poor as

I think he means he poor as hell. Why else would he be laughin?


i didnt look at it from that perspective but you do raise a valid point but the way i saw it is being broke is a joke and since he is laughing at the joke he is not the joke himself, because he thinks hes rich he laughs at the fact that he isnt broke. unless of course he is laughing at himself because he is the joke then your point makes sense, either way why bother writting that in a comment section for a mixtape? anyways im not feeling whiteowl but this ones a step up form the last couple he released.
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I laugh at people like you.... haha..... see what i mean??? Im very very far from broke LOL, trust me on that one cuzz! "Being Broke Is A Joke.... And Ima Die Laughin"
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ha ha ha

still laughin ha ha ha

Aint shit funni fucker!

So you laughing at ya self you chump ass bitch

whiteowl beat bj by 3 mins

whiteowl beat bj by 3 mins so he got bj on a few of these songs. but the some of the other songs bj had dropped on a previous mixtape and a couple of them are just old.

Dumbass flipped the pic on

Dumbass flipped the pic on the cover.....look at all the hats
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R.I.P. Charles AKA Max B

Ayo my nigga JR killed that corny dude Maxi Pad hahahahahahaha.... he said Charles wouldnt be in charge even if his name was Scott Baio LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOO, nobody can fuck wit Writer on the battle tip, he would kill anybody in a battle except maybe Jada & Fab, other than those 2 which would be GREAT battles nobody stands a chance against this nigga, WORD!!! He killed Tru Life when dips were beefin wit Cockafella haha, straight murdered Tru Life, ate the nigga up!!! I know if i was a rapper i wouldnt beef wit this dude haha, he is way way too good lyrically!!! Also he stepped his game up big time!!! Killed his last few freestyles.... "Kill The Beat"..... "Flamez".... and now this shit, my man is on top of his game rite now, i cant stand that corny nigga Max B, i cant wait to see what he's gonna do bout this haha, prolly wont even respond, i mean how can you top this??? If he responds its just gonna make JR come back with something else that might end his career LOL, not like its much of a career anyway but at least he's paying his phone bill rite now off mixtape money hahaha, JR might have this niggas phone service cut off LMAO, Max betta just take the "L" and keep it moving on his wave LOL, take this one on the chin my man!!! "Being Broke Is A Joke.... And Ima Die Laughin"

gay gay jemini

Shut the fuck up gay gay noone wants to hear your opionion about that homo max b. And another thing every fuckin tape I click on you are on here running your dumb fucking mounth like someone cares what you have to say! GAY GAY IS BROKE AND HE IS A JOKE
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I C U White Owl!!

Its gonna take some momentum, but DJ W/O is gettin bakk in tha ring and goin' 4 a out Jiggy!

white owl Is starting to get sloppy

man that biggy jiggy is wit it.. they got that cd quality mixtape.. white owl gettin sloppy with dem tracks. shit sound like it was recorded on a cell phone.. the old white owls was cd quality... he rushing to get the mixtapes out to fast that he aint gettin dem studio quality songs.. and biggy giggy got the full versions of white owl tracks plus they sound like it cam from a cd.. what the fuck is happening to white owls product... yawl feel me or what?

mi niggas all yall r lame, u

mi niggas all yall r lame, u need to be wealthy cuz rich is rt aroud da corner from being broke ya dig....fuckin marks