Evil Empire Presents Drake & J. Cole - Cream Of The Crop

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01 J. Cole - Can I Live
02 Drake - Killer (Feat. Nipsey Hussle)
03 J. Cole - Grown Simba
04 Drake - Money To Blow (Feat. Birdman & Lil' Wayne)
05 J. Cole - Hold It Down
06 Drake - Mo Milly (Feat. Birdman & Bun B)
07 J. Cole - Lights Please
08 Drake - Off That (Feat. Jay-Z)
09 J. Cole - A Star Is Born (Feat. Jay-Z)
10 Drake - Bedrock (Feat. Young Money)
11 J. Cole - Knock Knock
12 Drake - My Darling Baby (Feat. Lil' Wayne)
13 J. Cole - Last Call
14 Drake - The Winner
15 J. Cole - Dreams
16 Drake - Scriptures
17 J. Cole - Ladies
18 Drake - I Get Paper
19 J. Cole - Til' Infinity
20 Drake - Hurt
21 J. Cole - Welcome
22 Drake - Throw It In The Bag (Feat. Fabolous)
23 J. Cole - Water Break
24 Drake - I Want This Forever (Original Version) (Feat. Lil' Wayne)

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Is any of this New?

I dont really keep up what j cole Drops. $Tha 1 Hit Killa$
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there are accualy a few

there are accualy a few track from both i havent heard yet but about 80% is old. i was accualy dissapointed when i downloaded drakes album. all his good shit was played out on the radio before his album dropped. its like you see previews for a movie you think is going to be kick ass and then you relize you saw the whole movie in a 1-2 min preview
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my girl begged me to go see that bullshit too

Karate Kid ! ;NY`Gunhill
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Cole all day, but I think

Cole all day, but I think Drake has somehow sold more records than Cole's first album will, its sad some of the realest shit you ever heard wasnt heard by that many people and the wackest shit sells millions
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This one of the realest comments ever!!!

That's how it is now. The world is about dick riding. All these wack ass motherfuckas selling all the records. people don't listen to lyrics that's the problem. People listen to and go buy what the radio play or what MTV consider hot! I hate this watered down Mainstream Bullshit!!! Johnny C
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I agree too. Makes me think

I agree too. Makes me think im gettin old or something. Wonder if people older than me was thinking the same stuff about jay-z when he was first coming out
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Not about Jay-Z, but more

Not about Jay-Z, but more like Kris Kross, Van Ice, Backstreetboys, the worst shit to me has always seemed to be the most popular shit, "Today was a Good Day", "Nuttin But a G-Thing", "Mind Playin Tricks on Me" are some of the only songs that I liked that got play time back then

i agree....people forgot

i agree....people forgot what rap is about...a rapper is called a rapper when he his lyrically talented...when his word play is crazy...not souljaboy or gucci mane...those aint rappers man...AND J COLE ALL DAY....but i aint gon frunt drake got skills..
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DEfff Cole allll day

DEfff Cole allll day

J. Cole for sure. They

J. Cole for sure. They shouldnt even be on the same mixtape. The only thing they have in common are the fucked up eyebrows haha
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2 thumbs down

Both these cats suck! we all know drake blows canadian balls, and as far as j whoever hes about as interesting as his name, I mean flows better than drakes but whos aint....either way just average flow nothin that will blow up
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J cole That shit

Alot of people haven't really got into j Cole yet i read an article in XXL and Ive followed him ever since i loveeee his shit. he has a few tapes out already " the warm up" , "the come up" and the one he just dropped "the blowup" he can ride wayyy better then drake any fucking day... Give J Cole a listen to hes from NC but the man got talent all his beats and lyrics he does him self.