J. Cole - Any Given Sunday #2


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01 Bring Em In
02 Roll Call
03 Be (Freestyle)

J. Cole: For the record, these are not mixtapes, not EP’s either. I wake up on Sunday’s and I decide what songs I want to let out or rerelease for yall. You’ve been so patient for 2 YEARS! I think you deserve some insight and unreleased music.

1. Bring Em’ In- Made this in ATL during the “single hunt” phase. Even though it wasn’t a single and won’t make the album, I love this shit!

2. Roll Call- Just some real shit. Venting

3. Be Freestyle- “Put on for my city like my favorite jacket… “man, you gon’ w

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Well, well, well

I liked the flow of the first any given sunday but, I must say the "Be Freestyle" was fire the kid has skills, I just wish this cat would expand off the females. I bet he could deliver some lyrical genius on some life stuff. Well played Mr. Cole I might need a jacket for all the cold music -Edgar Allen Flow

go listen to some other

go listen to some other j.cole. he's not talkin bout girls. go find "Friday Night Lights", "The Warm Up", or "The Come Up" (not on this sight.) Dude is crazy talented